How to cook a delicious soup?


Usually with soups you either love or hate you. I belong to the first group and a bowl of good soup can make me happy. But how to cook soups so that they are delicious and full of valuable nutrients?

Good water is essential
It is not an empty slogan. If we cook with good quality water, the soup will also turn out tasty. However, not in every city tap water is tasty and really clean. If you do not have a home water filter, it is worth reaching for bottled water. It is enough to do a simple test: pour water into the pot, cover and bring to the boil. Reduce heat and cook for a few minutes. Then leave the water to cool completely.

When it is cold (it is best to leave it overnight), pour it out and run your finger over the bottom of the pot. Then you will find out what quality water flows from the tap. When you cook soup on such water, the sediment from the bottom is in it … Good, purified water enhances the taste and, above all, is free from undesirable ingredients such as heavy metals or stone. Mineralized water will add even more flavor.

Good quality ingredients
When we have the perfect water, then it’s time to add ingredients to our soup. Let it be good vegetables (fresh (preferably not frozen), not rotten, not wilted, etc.) and fresh, good quality meat. I once heard that you can save a chicken that doesn’t smell “very nice” by soaking it in cold water full of bay leaves. Well… I won’t comment on that. If we are dirty, we wash ourselves rather than sprinkle ourselves with perfume, right? Bad-smelling meat or rotten vegetables are not suitable for eating, period.

Patience and cooking time Rush is advisable when catching fleas – in no case when cooking soup. For the best flavor and aroma, cook over low heat. This is clearly seen when cooking broth. When we cook it in a hurry and over high heat, then the taste, aroma and appearance are much worse than when we do it calmly and on low heat.


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