Fresh vegetables instead of shop purées


Make tomato soup from fresh tomatoes and compare it with the one cooked on the store-bought concentrate. I believe that the former is unrivaled. The taste and smell are incomparable. Nutritional values ​​as well, so if possible choose fresh tomatoes instead of concentrate or your own pickled cucumbers instead of puree. In the case of cream soups, a slightly different taste can be obtained by first baking the vegetables in the oven.

  • Pumpkin, garlic, tomatoes, peppers – try and taste it, you may be surprised how many delicious things you have missed so far.
  • Sour vegetables (sauerkraut, pickled cucumbers) are best cooked in a separate pot and added after cooking
  • Replace meat with butter or oil – some soups are much tastier

I cook meat soups less and less, and I use oil and butter more and more. There are soups that do not convince me without meat, despite trying (e.g. broth), but most of them will do without it. Butter gives a delicate aftertaste and a beautiful smell, oil gives lightness. However, these are my feelings, maybe yours will be different?

Meat in the soup

If we want to get as much flavor and nutritional value as possible, then put the meat in cold water. If you want to cook the soup and prepare the main course of the meat (e.g. breaded chicken or serve as a piece of meat with sauce), then it is best to put the meat in boiling water.

Salted soup – help!
If you overdose the soup, don’t panic. You can save it by putting in a potato cut into pastries – it will absorb some salt while it boils. In the case of broth, you can add beaten protein, and then strain it, but I suggest adding cold water and cooking the broth for a few minutes – of course, over low heat.


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