Perfect tomato soup. Step by step recipe.


The perfect tomato soup is one that everyone who has ever tasted asks about the recipe. This is what it is with our tomato, we decided to reveal the secret. You know, the brew is important, but not only that, you can say that the question of taste is in the details.

Perfect tomato soup
Pomidorowa has been the leader of the Polish soup ranking for years. It beats other “soups” on its head, no wonder I don’t know anyone who would scorn a bowl of this aromatic soup. The reason is simple… We Poles love the sweet and sour taste of tomatoes, regardless of their age. Best example… what’s this kids’ menu, no tomato. Although it is known that this soup is most often made from the remains of broth, it is difficult to say which one should really be the first to be used. I invite you to read the “step by step recipe”. Remember to leave a comment on what you think about this soup under the post.
Perfect tomato soup


  • 2 l chicken stock (Recipe for the perfect broth)
  • 660 g of tomato puree
  • 70 ml cream 18%
  • 1 yolk
  • salt pepper
  • possibly sugar to taste or 1 large cooked carrot

A method of preparing:

Perfect tomato soup
Step 1:
Heat the strained broth in a pot, but do not boil it. Pour in the puree, preferably home-made or well-tried, and bring to a boil over low heat.

Step 2:
In a bowl, mix the cream with the yolk, add a few tablespoons of hot soup so that the cream “hardened” and does not weigh when poured into the pot.

Step 3:
Then, while stirring the soup, slowly pour in the mixture of cream and yolk. Heat to a gentle blinking, season with salt and pepper, possibly sugar. A cool patent is to add one cooked carrot and blend it. The soup will be thicker and slightly sweeter.

Two enemy factions
Of course, lovers of this soup can be divided into two hostile factions: pasta makers and rice farmers. Not much is said about it, but many families broke up due to the conflict over the addition of tomato soup. Everyone has an opinion on what the perfect tomato soup should taste like and with what side dish it should be served. If you have doubts, are looking for answers, read this recipe, you will become a fan of homemade pasta.

Maternal patentI have to admit that my Father taught me all the basics when it comes to cooking. When it comes to tomato soup, this is what Mom taught me. It is the maternal patent that makes it an ideal tomato soup. And what’s going on? And that’s about the addition of cream with yolk, which makes the soup delicate and creamy. She also taught me how to mix vegetables, mainly carrots, into tomato soup. This makes the soup thicker, sweeter and healthier. This is a wonderful patent for children who do not necessarily like vegetables. I know perfectly well, my mother, smuggling mixed vegetables into the soup, cheated me and my siblings for years … a real nightmare


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