4 bone broth mistakes you might be making


Essential, transparent, warming, Golden… It’s great when we get a cold and Chandra. Which brings back memories from childhood. Broth. King of all soups. Base for sauces and other soups. Smelling of spices and vegetables. Balanced in taste-mildly sweet thanks to carrots and Onions, but at the same time spicy and salty respectively. How to cook the perfect broth?

1. Choosing the right kind of meat

The classic soup is prepared with beef and poultry. To make a really delicious soup, we need real country chicken (or at least from an organic farm). No chicken legs or portion of the broth from the supermarket will not give us the” real ” taste. For this beef brisket or year.

The broth is also prepared from veal, quail, Guinea fowl, pheasant, ducks, and pigeons for breeding or rabbit. They give an even deeper taste. It is assumed, however, that the broth is not heated on pork. A decoction made from poultry itself tastes milder than a decoction of mixed meats. It is also more versatile as a base for other soups.

2. What vegetables to add?

According to the classic recipe, add carrots to the broth, which gives sweetness, parsley, which will provide bitterness, celery, which is responsible for the spicy smell and taste, as well as leeks and onions-thanks to them, the soup will be respectively spicy. We try to balance the proportions of vegetables, then the soup will have a more balanced taste.

Stem, carrots and parsley washed. Carrots, parsley and celery to clear, small vegetables, leave entirely, large cut in half. We add them to the meat already boils. Onions should be pre-sunbathe on the fire, then it will give the soup a beautiful color and unique taste.

Some do not imagine broth without cabbage-white or Italian. However, opinions on this issue are divided. With cabbage, the broth is sweeter, has a specific, characteristic for this vegetable aftertaste and smell.

3. How to fill the soup?

As with any dish, the broth requires the right spices. So, what should be added to the broth to emphasize and enrich its taste? Salt, pepper, allspice, Bay leaf, lovage – without them there is no good broth. Allspice and Bay leaf can be added at the beginning, along with the meat. Lovage is added along with the vegetables. Salt the soup at the end of cooking, and sprinkle the freshly ground pepper with the soup just before serving.

Depending on the taste, flavor and color we want to get, we can add to the broth also parsley, dried mushrooms or plums, saffron or juniper and even cloves. It’s worth experimenting.

4. Preparation

Chicken soup does not like haste, so if we want to get a delicious broth, you need to prepare it in advance. Cook soup over very low heat, which allows you to get a clear broth. The optimal cooking time is about three hours. A decoction of the same birds in need, and two hours.


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