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Whether and why it is necessary to eat soup 5 times a day? Conversation.

I read Your Tutorial, which tells you how to take the first step to your transformation, which refuted many known to me and for many years utrwalanych beliefs regarding healthy weight loss. I had a lot of questions in my head, so I asked you to talk. You write about many things differently than deep-rooted, popular, and oft-repeated beliefs, what in your concept makes it effective?

Its effectiveness is influenced by two questions.

The first-knowledge of mentality of the obese person. Based on my experience, I know that by introducing too many changes at the very beginning of the weight loss process relative to the previous diet, the obese person subconsciously takes a step back. If he hears that going on a diet immediately eat: start counting calories, weigh foods, eat on a pre-determined menu, carefully monitor the hours of food, comply with the list of prohibitions and use it for a census, train intensively for an hour a day, then often, before he starts, he already gives up. So it was in my case. I wasn’t coping or dieting for just a second. All people struggling with extra pounds for a long time have a whole list of objections, doubts and often negative thoughts about themselves. This should be considered when offering help in reducing extra pounds.

In my program: honor changes all changes are made in stages. Seeing the success of the first stage, a person has a great motivation to fight for himself and already with a large dose of positive attitude goes to the next stages. Everything is introduced gradually. For everything is a time to get used to, to accept. I mean a systematic reduction in daily calories-first we eat 5-6 soups a day. Then we introduce exercises, but also very specific. Help us on the next exercises that will have stimulated metabolism rather than building muscle mass. Believe me, usually people who lose weight want to see a smaller figure in weight rather than build up their muscles. In the next step, if we still want to lose weight, we divide soups into carbohydrates and proteins and eat them at certain times of the day. The last stage is Stabilization, that is, the consistent introduction of solid dishes, such as Breakfast, second course.

The second factor affecting the effectiveness of my program is the awareness of the physical needs of our body.

I know I’m not saying very popular things. And I bow my head to those who 100% eat BIO foods, refined ingredients, products and fully apply the well-known principles of healthy eating. I know how important it is and that is why I admire such people.

I am in my program I am more realistic and working with people who on the one hand want to eat healthy but we all to the best of our abilities. I take into account that often complex ingredients are more expensive than traditional, more difficult to obtain, especially in small settlements. Often they are an absolute novelty for many people, and not everyone is willing to try new, unknown flavors.

A lot of people are happy to join my program, if only because of the “simplicity” of the whole process. And in this simplicity, you can successfully find everything that will help us to find the figure of dreams. Realizing that acidification of the body, intestinal mucosa and excess water and toxins make it very difficult to reduce pounds, in the second phase of transformation, we focus on these processes. And we don’t need “helpers”for that. We do it safely for our body, it is through food products cooked, semi-liquid.
Editorial: how many people have you helped besides yourself?

Not calculated, but honestly I can say that out of 200-300 people have already benefited from my Transformation program, and another large group is coming with me Sharing on Facebook: Sharing. Some people give publicly and you can read how to lose pounds. However, the vast majority of the writes a personal message, wishing to remain anonymous. I understand them perfectly and support them with all my heart. I went through my transformation myself, and only contacted close relatives. I was afraid of judgment, criticism and maybe disbelief because ” she probably won’t be able to again”…

You suggest eating soups 5 times a day, and are usually told to eat dark bread, raw vegetables and fruit, why? And why should the dishes be boiled?

Soups dishes stewed, półpłynnymi. 80% of the entire digestive process takes place in the intestine. And the intestines love dishes prepared in this way. Keep in mind that when we eat fried, smoked, processed foods, our intestines protect themselves from absorbing toxins from these foods by simply producing mucus on their inner walls. This mucus, which accumulates for a long time, passes into a hard, solid mass of fecal stones. They collect a lot of toxins, bacteria, heavy metals, fungi. Cause water retention in the body. If we start eating cooked things, we will begin to partially cleanse our body. Very many people observe a greater and more frequent need to urinate. The body itself gets rid of excess water. In the same way, we regulate other processes that are important to us, such as deoxidation.

We also eat fruits once a day, mainly because of the valuable fiber and vitamins that are lost in the process of cooking soups, such as vitamin C.

To sum up, in my program, we allow almost all foods to be eaten, giving up really few. However, on the other hand, act on the principle that during the stabilization phase, we eat foods cooked. That’s how cooked meals are easily digested, fewer calories and better absorbed.

I note that the restriction on cooked meals lasts only for a while. I have this lasted long, because as much as 4 months, but my obesity, too, was large and was 40 kg.After these four months my metabolism work much more efficiently. I understood what was happening to my body, and it functioned without complaints. As I began to introduce solid food, the body itself regulated the weight and eats everything, in addition, I lost 5kg.


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