Vegetable soup with an extra portion of protein


Rinse any well-tolerated vegetables, peel, cut into cubes edamame protein    and, together with spices, put into lightly salted water with spices (thyme, lovage, caraway, marjoram, bay leaf, pepper). Cook for 20 to 30 minutes  edamame protein until the vegetables are tender.

  1. Add potato or a edamame superfood  tablespoon of rice / porridge. At the end of cooking, add a edamame protein  tablespoon of olive oil or clarified butter or coconut  edamame superfood oil.
  2. After eating the soup, eat a portion of protein, e.g. eggs or lean edamame superfood  meat on which you can cook soup or ham sausages, home-made pate or tofu prepared in your favorite way.

In week 2 of the diet,  hummus and protein you can prepare chicken soup. In diet week 3,  hummus and protein cucumber soup on meat and in diet week 4, cauliflower soup with chicken / turkey. Thanks to this, each week of the diet you can eat a hummus and protein  different protein in edamame  dish for this meal, which will not change the protein in edamame  caloric value or the dynamics of digestion.


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