BOOST — Soupure



Miso and shiitake mushrooms are ancient remedies from the Far East for fighting disease and infection. Teamed up here with Kabocha and ginger root, they lend powerfully supportive nutrients to pump up the health of your circulatory, respiratory, and immune function.

With a delicate sweetness and fluffy flesh, Kabocha pumpkin provides your body with nearly every building block of nutrition including healthy fatty acids, minerals, all major water and fat soluble vitamins, fiber, and amino acids. As added bonus, Kabocha carries this nutritional density with far less carbs than its squash cousins, making it a lower calorie base for our famously rich and satisfying soup. 

Shiitake mushroom are knights in iron-rich armor, always at the ready to protect our blood vessels, and also provide highly bioavailable minerals just the way our body likes to use them. Extremely high in copper, shiitake mushrooms maintain our tissue integrity, bone health, and energy production when coupled with their corresponding iron content.

Fermentation has long acted as the gateway of antioxidant formation since ancient times as the way to “pre-digest” and preserve our fresh foods. Many think of soy as a protein substitute, but don’t forget it is officially classified in the legume group. Several servings of legumes are recommended per day to balance our nutritional intake.

Soothing to the intestinal tract, ginger root helps digestive distress and offers an array of therapeutic properties to settle the worst of symptoms. New studies show its success in alleviating joint pain with its anti-inflammatory magic in addition to its laundry list of benefits. We just love it for its sassy scent and piquant taste. 

Your thyroid hormone glands totally depend upon trace iodine support for proper function, and kombu kelp powder gets the job done. Not only are sea vegetables famous for their exponential iodine content, they are also good plant sources of iron to lessen symptoms of fatigue. 

Beautifully produced from the flowers of the coconut palm tree, coconut sugar may slow glucose absorption and contains a lower glycemic index than table sugar. Though we add only a light touch, we like that it retains more nutritional integrity than the manufactured variety. You’ll definitely taste the difference. 

Tamari is a uniquely delicious variety of soy sauce and is a liquid which runs off of miso as it matures.  Tamari, however, contains much less salt than traditional soy sauce.  It is reported to aid in the digestion of fruits and vegetable, is rich in several minerals, and is a good source of vitamin B3, protein, manganese and tryptophan.