CALM — Soupure


Need an afternoon or evening drink to calm your system? Looking for something to replace that cup of coffee you might otherwise reach for mid-day?  Then, try our exceedingly soothing CALM.  With its restorative and healing ingredients and taste, it will reset your system any time of the day.

Lemongrass shoots are actually a stalky grass highly prized in Southeast Asia for its medicinal uses and distinct talent for flavoring soups with natural citrol. Not only does citrol taste good, it also protects with its antimicrobial and antifungal properties.

Vegetable broth is low in calories but packed with all the benefits of its vegetables which promote your health and immune functions.

The non-starch polysaccharides keep inflammation low while providing an impressive array of antioxidants including Vitamin C, flavonoids, and over a dozen other phenolic nutrients shown to protect against uncontrolled oxidation of blood vessel walls and prevent inflammatory digestive reactions. Excellent source of Vitamin A and K, as well as the rare molybdenum, an essential element that influences the nervous system, waste processing in the kidneys, and cell metabolism. 

Leeks are a slightly more refined cousin of the onion family and are known to inhibit cholesterol production. It has quite a long list of balanced vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and flavonoids, but you’ll probably only noticed the delicate flavor layer it gives our warming Calm broth.

Sixteen sulfur containing compounds not only gives garlic its powerful scent, they provide the blood vessels with the elastic strength to dilate as needed to regulate blood pressure. Researchers have discovered its role in limiting fat cell production and controlling obesity. Known for centuries for its antibacterial and antiviral properties, garlic may also facilitate iron metabolism, allowing a unique transport system for optimum bioavailability. Excellent source of manganese, Vitamin B-6, Vitamin C, copper, and selenium. 

We are hot for chili peppers!  That’s because chili peppers are extremely healthy for you.  They help fight migraine and sinus headaches, help prevent sinusitis and help relieve congestion. They also help lower high blood pressure, protect your heart, fight inflammation, soothe intestinal diseases and help you burn fat and lose weight.  They have loads of vitamin C and studies have shown that capsaicin, the chemical that makes chili peppers hot, not only causes your tongue to burn, it also helps drive prostrate cancer cells to kill themselves.  Bring on the heat.

Soothing to the intestinal tract, ginger root helps digestive distress and offers an array of therapeutic properties to settle the worst of symptoms. New studies show its success in alleviating joint pain with its anti-inflammatory magic in addition to its laundry list of benefits. We just love it for its sassy scent and piquant taste. 

Have you ever wondered what exactly coconut sugar is?  Wonder no more.  It is the boiled and dehydrated sap of coconut palm. It has no artificial ingredients and is not chemically altered in any way.  It has made a large impact in the health food world because, unlike white table sugar, this form of sugar actually offers some trace nutrients, has a lower glycemic impact on blood sugar (thus, less likely to cause blood sugar spikes) and contains less fructose (resulting in the United Nations’ Food and Agriculture Organization naming it the most sustainable sweetener in the world in 2014).  So, go ahead and satisfy that sweet tooth! 

The juice and rind of the kaffir lime is used in traditional Southeast Asian medicine to promote teeth and gum health.  The rind itself is also believed to be beneficial to the blood and digestion.