Summer is a wonderful time to renew the body. We should use the best time of the year (at least for most of us) to make it even better to charge the batteries as much as possible.

There are very specific reasons for which summer is a great period to carry out detoxification. Because the question of the optimal time of detoxification I meet in letters-I write for you the rationale to take the challenge, do something good for yourself and cleanse the body of toxins in the summer.

In the summer it is easier for us to drink and implement the use of the optimal amount of water.

It is much more difficult to do this in the cold season, especially for people who do not have the habit of daily watering the body. And without water there will be no detoxification. 80% of toxins are dissolved in water and excreted together with urine, partly with sweat and through breathing. If there is not enough water, the purification is disrupted because the toxins do not find a way out.

Besides, we sweat more in the summer. The body through sweating – cleanses. Urine is normal. 1.5 liters per day, and sweat approx. 0.5 liters per day. Trifle up to 30% of the volume of urine. When it is hot outside or there is physical activity-the amount of sweat still increases. Thus, it is more effective to get rid of toxins. The skin is sometimes called the third kidney-for this reason.

Summer is warm, and the body is not overcooled.

Given the calorie restriction during detoxification, which is not enough to meet the basic needs of the body, most people during detoxification feel cold. Over time, the body temperature is regulated, because I did my penultimate detox in the winter, at -16 and did not freeze. However, I am already a ” veteran”, and even the processes of thermoregulation are different for me than for most of us. As a rule, when cleaning, we are more prone to freezing. So there is no need to justify that the warmth outside gives you comfort. Comfort is less stress to the body. The body does not have to consume as much energy for heating as in the cold season – so there is no loss of energy and can” take ” detoksem.

In summer a huge variety of fresh vegetables

If we do detox at the heart of a diet of fruits and vegetables and / or juices – there is no better time of year than summer and early autumn. It is much easier to also prepare food and simplify dishes without exposing yourself to similarities (which many do not like) when we have access to fresh vegetables. You can eat more salads, salads, drink cocktails and fruit and vegetable juices-all this requires a very large expenditure of time. Not to mention that we don’t have to look for fresh vegetables because we’ll find them everywhere (including organic ones).

Diversity is another advantage, and in the course of detoxification and after its completion.

Without the losses that undoubtedly arise during long weeks, months of storage or transportation from distant countries – because, as we already know, it is best to use locally grown products. Right now, we have a chance to turbo replenish the body, leveling the deficits that most people have. An important value in the process of cleaning, but also after its end, when the body is cleaned can only receive “full handfuls”. It’s one of the best things we can do for ourselves at this time of year – let the body make up for the deficiencies. The body will revive, get additional energy, beauty, and the effectiveness of the immune system will be strengthened. And, of course, the acid-base balance will be restored if our body needs disinfection.

In summer it is easier to move outdoors (and sports in General).

And the movement increases the circulation of lymph, which is very conducive to purification. One of the important tasks of lymph is the removal of dead cells, metabolic products formed at the cellular level, acid waste, which must be somehow derived from connective tissue, muscles and organs. This is one of the important tasks of the lymphatic system. Lymph does not have its own pump, like blood, for which the pump is the heart. Moves smoothly, thanks to the work of the muscles, during sports and the work of the diaphragm when breathing. For this, the appropriate amount of water and purification processes occur is certainly better. The movement is also more intense breathing, and part of the toxins are removed with the exhaled air.

In the summer, thanks to more vegetables consumed, we have a chance to restore the digestive system and the bacterial flora of the intestine.

It is, of course, about the natural probiotics and prebiotics that we find in plant foods). We can normalize peristaltic movements, thanks to the large amount of water we drink and the fiber that comes with vegetables. A very important issue of withdrawal syndrome. Today it is no secret that the state of our intestines is the basis of health, energy, well-being, brain health, good mood..

After all, it is in the intestine that nutrients are absorbed (primarily the small intestine). It is in the intestine that water is absorbed. It is in the gut that flora produces some vitamins, such as K or group B. the absence of a healthy, physiological microbiome can ruin all our Wellness activities to feel better. Therefore, we will have to start from scratch – to make a detox, which in itself is aimed, in particular, at ensuring the efficiency of the intestine and restore the bacterial flora.

Finally, in the summer it is easier for us to accept challenges, and we have a better mood.

The sun helps to maintain a good mood – an important thing for toning the nervous system, which after all has a huge impact on the digestive system, the stomach, intestines. Most people everything seems easier and naturally we also have more energy. Psychologically, it is easier to take cleansing of the body, which is undoubtedly always a kind of test, and especially for those of us who have never previously carried out detoxification. Good mood and good mood is half the success. Contribute to motivation and cope even in the most difficult situations.

How to clean choose?

In the book “Alkaline cleanse”, I offer you several types of detoxification of varying degrees of complexity. Depending on the opportunities, conditions, everyone will find something for themselves and it does not matter what the choice will fall, because the main thing is to “clean up”. Each described detox can be done independently at home. On the blog you will find a description of one of the proposals: detox fruit and vegetable.

Who thinks as well to take up the challenge of THOROUGH DETOXIFICATION, a comprehensive body cleansing program by combining diet and supplements, extracted deposits not only of the colon but also of the small intestine – this is such a detox lead (contact me by email [email protected]).

I often meet with the question when it is best to do a detox… My answer-whenever you feel ready, desire – do not delay, do not wait… And especially when it’s your first detox-use your desire and time to do something good for yourself!.  Bypassing spring, when we all clean up at this time of year-summer is also a great period. And personally, I know people who detox always do in the summer, because it is nicer, because it is easier, because it is more time, because the mood is better.

I detoxed myself at any time of the year … and during the summer heat, and during the winter frosts. The best time is when we feel we need to take care of ourselves. And summer has additional benefits-as stated above.

There’s no point putting off something so good for the body once the thought of detoxing has popped into our heads. Now might be a good time to start. I come back to the question, ” when is the best time to act, to change?”Of course, NOW and always NOW.

All the time from the future, with regard to purification is a loss to the body. And as for summer – to provide for yourself during the year will completely change our autumn, winter, spring… We can be stronger, feel better, be more satisfied with our appearance, and… lives. Because detox can change and has changed one’s life already and always the direction of that change.


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