Alkalized waters


Each spring water or bottled mineral water is characterized by a certain level of alkalinity. A number of qualities such as mineralization, purity, hardness of water, pH height is another important difference taken into account by conscious consumers.

Chemically pure water has a pH of about 7, i.e. it is a neutral solution. Water with a pH below 7, the solution is acidic. And mineral water has a pH higher than 7-alkaline solution. Hence the name water alkaline or alkaline water.

the pH (that is, otherwise, the hydrogen potential) is a measure of the acidity or alkalinity of a solution and is in the range of 0-14. This scale allows us to determine whether we are dealing with an acidic, neutral or alkaline solution. Alkaline water is assumed to be water that has a pH higher than 7.2.

What waters are alkaline?

Most popular, bottled mineral waters available in stores have a pH between 5.5 and 7.5. Meanwhile, a typical alkaline water have a much higher ratio of rn. For example, our proposed water mineral Java, extracted from a source in the Carpathians, has a natural pH of 9.2. Most alkaline water, however, comes from abroad. The natural spring AquaVia has a high pH of 9.4, where the springs are located on the other side of the Carpathian Mountains in Romania. Other famous brands of alkaline water are Italian Acqua Panna, French Evian water and Fiji water. Is it worth checking our Mineral Water pH and see what pH the water you drink has?

It is worth emphasizing that all the alkaline water we offer is natural water, mineral water or natural spring water. Each of them is characterized by a high pH, but at the same time has a unique structure and level of mineralization, as well as hardness, or the level of saturation of CO2. On the market there is also a so-called ionized water, the pH of which is artificially increased. We offer only natural alkaline water.

Why high pH?

High pH alkaline water is important for our health-above all, it allows you to maintain the correct acid-base balance in the body. The balance of this allows, in particular, for the proper functioning of the muscles and digestive system. Directly affects our health and vitality.

Straight from nature

Java alkaline water, like other mineral waters we offer, is neither chemical nor physically altered. We receive direct good from nature.

Alkaline water is, however, the product continues to be scarce. Natural methods of alkaline water in the world is really small. Most mineral waters available in stores are pH-neutral or, conversely, acidic. In Poland, Java water is the most alkaline (pH 9.2). Extracted from a source in the Subcarpathian Voivodeship, in the area of Birch..

Where did the world popularity of alkaline water come from?
This is also due to the withdrawal of its artificial way. Alkaline water fibers are very popular in the USA. However, this is problematic, since such water does not have the natural characteristics of the product “directly from nature”.

Meanwhile in the store we try to be first of all true to nature and offer only natural alkai water. No changes, extra additives and improvers! Naturally rich in minerals! We invite you to read our offer, as well as other articles about water and its qualities. We hope that our products will meet your expectations, and the information collected on the site will expand knowledge about alkaline. Drink to your health!


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