Appeared in our kitchens. Because they have advantages. Because they are practical – they are enough to pour boiling water, and the broth is ready. Because they reduce the average cooking time by several tens of minutes. Because they can be stored for a long time, because they are cheap and widely available.

Because they have different “tastes”. Only pros, isn’t it? Do they have flaws? In addition, they are terribly salty, have a chemical taste, in principle, without defects. But these two characteristics are enough, in my opinion, to have them in deep contempt. Well, maybe not always, but at least once in a while.

Broths, broths, that is

Without them, there are no real chefs, we use them almost every day – they are the basis of soups, sauces, adding to stews. So their is worth cooked lot more and freeze – under desire they will under hand and preparation it with their the participation not will take have us more time, than inject bouillon cube boiling water. After all, the difference will be huge.
So, from time to time, let’s try the real taste of the broth-fragrant, essential, full of nutrients, not polluted by chemistry. And salty, as far as we’re concerned. Personally prepared broth containing a huge dose of energy and taste is the best base for preparing delicious and fragrant soups.

  • Broth made from meat, brews or mushrooms, hermetically sealed to avoid contact with other products-can be stored in the refrigerator for 3 days. The ability to cover liquids is very important, because it quickly “catches” the smells of other dishes.
  • Frozen broth will not lose its properties of taste and nutrients, even after 2 months, if it is frozen and will be stored in the refrigerator, in an airtight container.
    Small amounts of broth – these are very compressed, just right for one serving – can be stored in plastic bags or small boxes-so that they can be easily used, without the need to defrost large amounts.
  • If we are talking about a decoction made from fish, you need to use it immediately after cooking, because it breaks much faster.
  • A good broth, esencjonalny and fragrant, is prepared from meat, bones, fish or mushrooms, with the addition of vegetables, or from vegetables alone.
    It is vegetables that contain aromatic substances that dissolve in water during cooking and give the decoction a taste.
  • The taste of the broth will be enriched by aromatic herbs: parsley, celery leaves, lovage, thyme, fried or fried onions, garlic, as well as spices: pepper and oregano. The basic set of spices-that is, parsley, celery leaves, thyme, Bay leaf and allspice is often in the rules called from the French “bouquet garni”. Some enrich it with garlic. To make it easier to catch spices from the broth after cooking, Some recommend wrapping spices in a piece of gauze and tying it. But isn’t that necessary?

We are preparing a decoction!

Two General rules apply during this process. First, we must not hurry. A good broth should be prepared at least 3 hours. The only exception is a decoction of fish and crustaceans, which is enough for 30-45 minutes.

The second rule says that all the ingredients: meat, vegetables, fish should always be filled with cold water, so that in the process of slow heating their tastes are released. There is also an exception here. The broth will be much tastier if you add fresh onions to it, earlier over the burner. Thanks to this, it will acquire a slightly bitter note, pleasantly enriching its taste. And sunbathing onions is easy: it needs to be cleaned without cutting off the tip from which the onion grows, grate on a fork and, from time to time turning on the burner-it usually takes a few minutes. The skin of the onion should be mostly black, covered with bubbles.

All the ingredients are already in the pan, filled with cold water. We take the gas, reduce it to a minimum, cover the pan and cook for a few hours, from time to time checking whether there is not enough liquid in it. Vegetables and meat should be completely covered. If water is not enough, fill the broth with boiling water.

During the first tens of minutes after boiling, a white-gray foam is formed on the broth, that is, scum. Most of the laws prescribes to remove them, but in my opinion it is not necessary, and Vice versa – this foam is a protein that is released from meat. In the process of further cooking, it will completely dissolve, and the taste of the broth will become more intense thanks to it.

After cooking… Of broth, you can immediately cook the soup. It is sufficient to remove the vegetables (you can eat, if you like overcooked, or just throw it away, all were valuable in themselves, gave the broth), meat (you can use ragu), bones (only to be thrown away), strain the broth through a fine sieve (or cheesecloth), add the soup and continue the recipe.

If you think your broth is too greasy, you can remove excess fat from it. All you have to do is cool your broth and collect the condensed fat from it with a spoon. If you crave an exceptionally clear and transparent broth-for clean soups or for drinking in a Cup, then it needs to be clarified-this is not a difficult, though a little forgotten technique. Ostudzony I. broth mix with lightly beaten egg white and then slowly heat to a boil.
Transverse protein will bind all particles and particles. Now just match the pot with the fire, wait a while-a suspension is formed and then strain through a sieve lined with double-folded cheesecloth or a clean cotton cloth.

Concentrated taste

This is a thing that will enhance the taste of sauces and soups. The strong taste is enclosed in a tablespoon of concentrate. And you can cook it yourself. To obtain such a seasoning should be cooked and przecedzony broth evaporate over low heat to 1/5 of its original volume. It is better and faster to do it in a pot or pan with a large area. Evaporation should be slow. After evaporation, the liquid should be cooled and strained again through a very fine sieve or cheesecloth. Once complete, the concentrate will turn into jelly. In the refrigerator, in an airtight container, it can be stored for several days, it can also be frozen. Two tablespoons of concentrate is enough for soup for 4 people. Spoon, and added to the sauce will make it taste will be emphasized expressive and decisive.


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