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10 recipes easy and healthy vegetable soups

I often wrote that without the soups I would not be able to live. Sometimes, in the flow of Affairs, skipping to cook soup, but the very next day, the soup is not enough for me, and I have to prepare though quickly, “Olivier” soup-cream or dish that soup though resembles. My household, looking at my dishes, sometimes ask: “is it soup or sauce?”. Often falls into them so many vegetables that it is difficult to guess. In any case, no matter what, soups have power!

Soups are great at any time of the year. Coolers are a great pleasure in the summer and provide you with the necessary vitamins and minerals. In autumn or winter, the soups will be sated and heated. In the spring we want to eat lightly and soups satisfy this need also perfectly.

The recipes below are suitable always and everywhere. Provided, of course, that you have the necessary components. If you don’t, don’t worry. To replace them with… something. I make soups always according to the contents of my refrigerator.

1. Gazpacho with beets
I think that gazpacho classic (tomato) is already known to most people who love simple and healthy cuisine. Gazpacho is a simple and quick to prepare soup, or rather a cooler, which is prepared on the basis of tomatoes and other raw vegetables. I, of course, always create my variations depending on what I have in the fridge. Then I invite you to gazpacho with beets.

2. Gazpacho with watermelon

Another gazpacho issue. This time with one of my favorite fruits. Undoubtedly, it is best to eat with fresh, Polish tomatoes and very sweet watermelon. In the off-season, however, the taste is not the same. So enjoy the summer as much as you can.

3. Quick beet soup

The young beet has its charm. It is due not only to its taste, but also to the cooking time, which is very appreciated in my simple and fast kitchen. Offseason, as a rule, first bake beets and make this soup based on baked vegetables. Take a look at this very simple recipe that is sure to stop for longer in Your kitchen.

4. Vegetable soup without cereals

I love simplicity in the kitchen, and it is every day more and more. When a person changes his diet, then after a while he begins to feel tastes that he had not noticed before. I appreciate these flavor combinations. Simple, non-combined and, above all, quick to prepare.

5. Soup of the young cabbage

Young cabbage is the Queen of my kitchen. I can eat it raw, without anything, smothered, in soup. I laugh that I will soon start making ice cream with young cabbage. Yes, I love her! Old cabbage, too,, of course, love, but the young this me usually dream about at night outside season!

6. Red cabbage soup

Red cabbage is somehow not very popular in our country, and many people probably do not understand how healthy it is and how wonderful it can enrich our menu. I wrote about the anthocyanins contained in it on the occasion of this simple recipe for cabbage. Be sure to read.

7. The cauliflower soup

The cauliflower soup I have to eat only in season. In the offseason, most often in such a warm-up. Cauliflower is a very healthy vegetable that I like to add to soups. Any taste with kalafiorem is wonderful, provided of course that loves this vegetable. But probably most people do, so if you belong to them, then be sure to try.

8. Mushroom and cheese soup without cheese

It is known that cheese is heavy, fat, and it is impossible to make a light soup with it. However, we should not use cheese to get a cheesy taste in the soup. Here’s a light cheese soup without cheese that I just love. It does not leave the feeling of heaviness characteristic of fatty soups. You can eat without fear and with taste.

9. Bean soup

Bean soup is associated by most people with something heavy, heaving and greasy. I’m not surprised because, after all, traditional Polish beans are what they are. My batch of healthy bean soup can really please you. Light, nutritious and healthy.

10. Nut cream soup with sweet potato

Have you ever eaten peanut soup? If not, be sure to try. The taste is amazing. Nuts combined with the lightness and delicate sweetness of sweet potatoes really give advice. This healthy cream soup will amaze Your household.

I hope you use one of the recipes. All the recipes offered by me are easy to prepare, easy and healthy. It is better to try first the one that has never happened To you to eat. It is worth diversifying your dishes and trying new things every day!


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