Baby Soups – Top 10 Best Recipes!


In a few days the Children’s Day is waiting for our kids. In times when everything is at your fingertips and we only lack time, it may be worth spending this day together. I also suggest cooking your favorite soup, because I can safely say that children love soups. Mine can eat them for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Sonny, if he has a choice of soup or a main course, he always chooses the soup.

When creating this list, I was guided by my subjective assessment and the opinion of my children. There are already quite a few recipes on the blog for soups that we love, love and which my children can’t resist asking for another more.

1. Tomato soup
She is a definite favorite and there was no doubt which soup would win the honorable first place. Almost all children love tomato soup. It can be prepared in many ways: in the form of a delicate cream, or with the addition of roasted peppers, grana padano cheese or simply with pasta. Tomato soup will never get boring.

2. Vegetable puree with croutons
The taste of my childhood, and now also of my children, is vegetable soup puree with toasts. It is also a great way to smuggle vegetables. Once my son did not want to eat vegetables, and he ate everything in the form of a creamy vegetable soup with great appetite. Now, fortunately, he grew out of it and likes vegetables in all its forms, but the vegetable soup, rubbed with toasts, stayed with us forever.

3. Chicken broth with noodles
This is another soup, right after the tomato one, that almost all children love. My children used to call noodle soup – noodle soup. Chicken broth has a delicate flavor. For me, an obligatory addition to this soup is a large amount of fragrant parsley. Broth is also a must-have if my children catch a cold.

4. Ufoludkowa soup
“Green hair, green boots, all green are Ufoludki” and the bowl of delicious soup turned green. A tasty and healthy soup that will not be resisted by any fussy eater. Children all over the galaxy love this soup.

5. Breakfast soups – Porridge and porridge with milk
A taste of childhood for many of us. Agatka serves such soups for her sons for breakfast. Oatmeal with milk is also a breakfast hit in my home. We often add fresh seasonal fruits, raisins and nuts to it. Oatmeal is a delicious, healthy and filling start to the day. If you have never had the opportunity to taste it, please get the recipe: click

6. Cabbage soup with sausage
This is another soup for children prepared by Agatka. Toddlers usually do not like sauerkraut (at least mine), and here Agatka added young cabbage, which is delicate in taste and will surely appeal to many a little kid. If you have no idea what to cook for your children, I recommend cabbage soup with sausage. Now we have a young cabbage season and such cabbage soup will be exceptionally delicious.

7. Turnip soup with goose
Some time ago I cooked a huge pot of turnip goose soup. My husband poured himself a portion and left it on the table to cool down. The very smell of this soup tempted my youngest child so much that he took out a spoon and tasted it and… ate everything. Turnip soup is, according to my child, a different version of chicken soup. It has a specific taste that reminds me of my mother’s homemade dinners.

8. Blueberry with pancakes
What do children love? Apart from soups, of course Pancakes and jelly. This dish combines all these elements. Delicate, sweet and filling blueberry soup is another favorite to the throne. We like fruit soups, but they do not appear on our tables as often as tomato soups or broth, so the blueberry soup is almost at the bottom of the list.

9. Broth
What is a broth? It’s a different type of broth served with semolina cube. It is delicate and very filling. It is an interesting alternative to the popular broth with noodles.

10. Red borscht with mushroom rolls
My eight-year-old son was convinced of the borscht last year during the class Christmas Eve, where the children could taste traditional Christmas dishes. In fact, red borscht should be right after tomato and broth, but I don’t cook it as often as the other soups, so I decided to close my top list of soups for kids with it. For the borscht version for children, I prepare tiny buns stuffed with mushrooms.

I wonder what soups your children love and whether your top soup list would look similar. Maybe your tomato soup would be at the end of this list?


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