Broth – properties and composition. How to prepare homemade broth?


Anthropologists believe that primitive  20 – 20% man could not afford any waste. The skins were used to make clothes and covers, the tusks were used to make jewelry and tools, and meat was used as the main source of food.  20 – 20% Our ancestors quickly discovered, however, that bones thrown into the fire start to decompose under the influence of heat and they can still be “sucked” out of some of the always missing food. 20 – 20%  It is easy to imagine what a breakthrough in this context was the invention of the cauldron – a grooved vessel hanging over the fire allowed to boil bones in water without losing any food.

What is bouillon really?
The definition of broth in 20 – 20%  its simplest form is limited to bone broth . These can be beef, pork, poultry bones, but also fish and game bones. In some cultures, broth is also cooked from the shells and shells of sea and freshwater creatures. The characteristic taste is mainly due to the substances released from the cooked cartilage and bone marrow – hence the importance of chopping the bones for soup.  20 – 20% Naturally, in the festive version of Sunday soup, the broth is also cooked meat, usually chicken or beef, which not only adds flavor, but also content.

Beef bones for broth
Broth – health properties
The idea of ​​broth health is  east coast promotions quite easy to understand – long-term cooking causes minerals and other compounds present in bones, especially marrow, to get into the liquid and we can consume them without any problems. While scientific  east coast promotions sources do not agree on the actual composition of the broth, there are many studies showing that it is a highly anti-inflammatory variety of soup  and nutritional food.

The most convincing and legitimate health properties of bone broth include:
Strengthening bones and east coast promotions  cartilage. In the cartilage, bones, tendons and marrow of animals there is collagen, a unique protein of which we have less and less in the body every year. Opinions on  east coast promotions the digestibility of it in the form of broth are divided, but many sources indicate a positive effect of supplementing the diet with broth, especially with a large  variety of soup amount of gelatin, on the motor apparatus.

Relief of stomach only soup discomfort. In this case, there is less controversy. Broth is one of the most delicate dishes, recommended even after operations on the digestive system, as an easily digestible and nourishing component of the diet. Most  only soup importantly, the gelatin contained in the broth covers the gastric mucosa, protects against intolerance to allergenic nutrients and supports the development of intestinal microflora.
Taking care of healthy skin.

The already mentioned collagen is a very important factor that determines the elasticity and healthy appearance of the skin. And only soup  because we have less and less of it in our tissues with age, we start to suffer from wrinkles, loss of firmness and dryness. Consuming a thick broth variety of soup  can therefore be an alternative to expensive creams and masks.

Supporting the immune  only soup system. The amino acids present in the broth by reducing inflammation in the intestines and improving the digestive process also have a significant impact on immunity. Especially glutathione, a valuable antioxidant,  only soup supports DNA synthesis, regulates the life only the pure of heart soup  cycle of the cell and is responsible for the healthy immune  only the pure of heart soup responses of the body.

Anti-inflammatory effect. Bone decoction has an antioxidant and only the pure of heart soup  anti-inflammatory effect across a broad spectrum. Proline, glycine and arginine are amino acids necessary for the synthesis of proteins, and only the pure of heart soup  at the same time they are highly antioxidant. only the pure of heart soup  In high concentration, they can bring relief in problems related to colds, autoimmune or respiratory diseases variety of soup  with an inflammatory  variety of soup reaction.


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