Detox is a kind of diet that consists in eating only the juice of fruits and vegetables for a strictly defined time to cleanse the body of toxins and a small weight loss through the removal of water remaining in our body. Because such cleansing is restrictive in terms of food groups and calories, many people are skeptical of this type of “fast diet”.
It is important to note that there are differences between the juice and cocktail diet:

  • juice detoxification involves eating fresh juices from fruits and vegetables and separating them from the pulp.
  • detox cocktail mixes all edible parts of fruits and vegetables, including the pulp or part of the peel.

In this article, we will discuss the possible benefits and risks of using juices and explain how to use them so as not to harm yourself.


The cleansing diet consists of drinking only juice for a certain period, which usually ranges from 3 to 10 days. Juice proponents say they offer a variety of benefits that may include, for example, those mentioned above:

  • Fruits and vegetables are rich in vitamins and minerals. Drinks juices can inject additional nutrients into the body to improve our overall health.
  • Juices are rich in anti-inflammatory properties that can stimulate the immune system and help a person feel better.
  • Many nutritionists who are supporters of diet sokowych emphasizes leaching out the toxins that it contains.
  • Juices can help improve digestion by introducing healthy enzymes that make the gut more efficient.

Potential risk

Just as everything is misused, so a juice diet can harm us. Doctors have identified several risks associated with juice detoxification:

  • Drinking large amounts of juice can be harmful to people with impaired kidney function. Some types of juice contain oxalates or acid, which can contribute to kidney stones and other kidney problems.
  • Cleansing diets are usually low in calories. Reduced intake can lead to temporary weight loss, but this change rarely lasts long. When returning to an irrational diet after completing detoxification we are dealing with a yo-yo effect.
  • If a person eats unpasteurized juices or she has a recent bacterial infection, she is more susceptible to the disease. This is especially important in the case of very young and elderly people, as well as people with weakened immune systems.
  • If the cleanse contains laxatives or other bowel stimulation methods, the person using them may lose too many nutrients. This can lead to dehydration and imbalance, electrolyte balance. It is not recommended to use this type of” enhancers ” juice diet.
  • Eating insufficient calories can cause the person using it to experience symptoms associated with low blood sugar because the body does not have enough energy. Examples of such symptoms include fainting, weakness, dehydration, headaches, and hunger attacks.
  • A person who wants to apply sokowy detox should also beware of packaged, store-bought cleansing juices that promise significant results, such as canceling illnesses or providing immediate health benefits. There is usually not enough research to support these claims.
  • Weight loss and changes in the bacterial flora of the intestine
  • In one study published in Scientific Reports, scientists asked 20 healthy participants about drinking six bottles of different juices a day for 3 days. Juices contain various ingredients such as, for example, apples, cucumbers, lemon, Cayenne pepper and vanilla beans.

Participants quickly lost an average of 1.7 kilograms. When observed after 2 weeks, their weight remained on average 0.91 kg lower than the original. Participants reported almost unanimously an improvement in overall well-being. The researchers also found that juice detoxification increases the number of some healthy gut bacteria and reduces the number of disease-causing bacteria.

If you want to try a juice diet, and you do not have the time or equipment to prepare such juices yourself, we recommend using the Detox me program offered by the company. This is a professionally designed and safe way to cleanse the body.


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