Step into the new year with a simple program designed with the help of medical experts to restore your body’s natural ability to heal itself. This 7 day/3 phase curriculum from Soupure, featuring Sage Tonic teas and tisanes, allows the body to heal, restore, and protect from the inside out. This aids bodily repair, toxin removal, reduces free radicals and promotes healthy metabolic pathways.

We face a constant onslaught of environmental, physical, and psychological stressors. With this program, we promote necessary physiologic pathways and build new, healthy patterns for the body’s optimal daily functionality.

Phase 1: 

Heal Digestive health is a main line defense for our bodies to function optimally. With this first step in our program, we lay the foundation to allow the gut to remove toxins and heal from an array of dietary assaults, nutritional deficiencies, and lifestyle factors that can negatively impact optimal function. To support this process we provide targeted herbs, spices, and nutrients that promote the healing process. With this support, we aid the formation of a healthy gut lining which is a central component in our immune system. A healthy gut also assists in nutrient uptake and supports more complete GI metabolism and decreased inflammation.

Phase 2:

Restore – In this second phase we introduce high yield nutrients into the digestive system that can be absorbed by the gut for a systemic benefit. Here we focus on restoring depleted nourishment that positively contributes to this delicate, yet vast microbial ecosystem. This is a powerful step to help build and support a healthy gut lining, mucosal barrier, and proper food/nutrient absorption.

Phase 3:

Protect – Once the nutrient base has provided an optimal environment to heal and restore gut and systemic functions, the last step is the aid in the formation of a protective barrier. By providing additional high quality and targeted natural ingredients that include vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and phytonutrients, we help form a barrier for optimal gut integrity and overall health. 

Here’s what you get:



  • (5) ENERGIZE

  • (2) HEAL

  • (2) REBUILD

  • (5) RESTORE

  • (5) PROTECT

  • (3) BROTHS of your choice

21 SAGE TONIC TEAS (Ingredients and nutritional information at

  • (7) ENERGY

  • (7) RELAX

  • (7) SLEEP


  • Your 7-day plan for meals, beverages, and supplemental meal planning