If you’re overworked or busy and don’t have time to cook during the week, this is the way for you! If you don’t like routine and boredom in your menu and eat the same for two days – this way is for you! If you have children, this way is also for you! My mother taught me how to preserve soups, or actually she showed me this way, because there is no big philosophy in preserving, but it is incredibly helpful and makes life easier.

In my case, a two-year-old only eats tomato soups, and a six-year-old already eats a rich array of tomato, beetroot, vegetable and barley soup. I like a lot more soups – yeah! – I love soups and they are all sorts of things. I have tomato soup for a bow, so I don’t eat it anymore, but I need to have a spare in the jar, because when I cook a soup for myself and my husband, I give my children tomato or barley soup and everyone is happy.

Often this is also the case in the daily rush after work, we immediately heat up a little soup for the first hunger, then calmly have time to prepare the second course. My way is to cook a slightly larger portion of soup, such as you would cook for two days, pouring it into plates for each portion, and the rest instead of in the fridge, straight into jars and preserving. When a few days in a row I have time to cook a fresh soup (or at the weekend two or three at once), a little variety will accumulate, also later during the week everyone can choose like in a restaurant.

How to preserve soups:


  • soup
  • clean, scalded jars and lids


The soup must be very hot, freshly boiled!

Pour portions of soup into jars – not full, leave about 2 cm of free space at the top. The top of the jar with the thread is well wiped with a paper towel, tightly screwed on the jar and placed upside down. When all the soup portions are poured and all the jars are closed and placed, we cover everything with a cloth to allow it to cool slowly and slowly. We leave them to cool down completely, then the soups are preserved and ready. We can store prepared soups in the refrigerator for about a month.


I cook all soups, except those whitened with cream or milk – then I cook clean soup and whiten it before serving.


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