Kelsey De Gracia — Soupure


Kelsey De Gracia, LA local and UCLA honors scholar turned health geek, began his journey from his first three food groups…fast food, fast food, and fast food.  His excuse, “I work a lot.”  What changed, he went back to school, studied abroad, traveled and exposed himself to the world and then began to ‘work a lot.’   But this time what changed was a desire for a nourishing snack that was fast and food, but not fast food.  The workings of the world had led to interests about the workings of our bodies and what we put in it.  Science and nutrition combined with culinary exposure from worldly travels and cultures, helped solidify Kelsey’s curious palate and desire for healthy eating. 

Kelsey discovering life eventually lead to Kelsey discovering health.  His journey was threefold, from his own personal health struggles to caretaking for his grandmother, to his dog Cleo’s battle with skin cancer.  Kelsey discovered you can nourish your body, rebuild your health, and restore energy and well-being.   Experiencing positive effects from diet and nutritional changes helped spur interests to share regenerative health habits with others.  Over the years, he has openly shared what he has experienced with others, helped create supportive wellness programs, and has constantly engaged in learning.  Kelsey’s basic desire is to support the community and provide a service that makes sense, a tangible healthy option for people who want real nourishing food.  As stated, “This project allows me to reach more and more people.  It helps give people healthier options.  And even if this product can’t save all your health issues, it’s a choice and a start in the right direction.  I want to part of something that gives you a choice to be mindful.”