Lisa Ann Walter — Soupure


For a year I noticed that my metabolism and where I distributed and held onto fat had changed.  

I wasn’t happy about it. I tried starving, super work-outs, the “fast metabolism diet” (which was ridiculously hard to do, but I did it for a month!) 

I was just about ready to throw in the towel and say, “Well – I guess this is my new, ‘old-lady’ body”.

After trying EVERYTHING to jump start my body back to fitness – SOUPURE did it.

I did the 3-day program, once a week for 5 weeks. 

I did a 20 minute workout 4 days a week.

I lost the 10 pounds that stubbornly refused to come off and, even more importantly – I feel so much younger, more energized and HEALTHIER.

And I did it in a easy to do, easy to maintain way – with no “post-program” regain of weight.  

For a busy, working single mom what struck me from day one was that I was able to maintain my crazy schedule and even do my workouts with MORE energy and enthusiasm because the soups and smoothies are all natural, no preservatives – like you would make for yourself if you had time.  These are not “protein bars” or other preservative-laden snacks that lack the nutrition your body needs – SOUPURE is REAL FOOD.

Normal dieting complaints for me include: Hunger. Fatigue. Irritability. Food Obsession. Irregularity. More Hunger.

SOUPURE isn’t a ‘diet’. It’s a delicious, fulfilling, life-style-friendly program that made me feel better than I’ve felt in years. “

Lisa Ann Walter