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Soupure was a simple idea conceived during a lunch between two friends, Angela Blatteis and Vivienne Vella, when they both found themselves ordering a disappointing bowl of soup at a local restaurant. Both having had family members who suffered from cancer, they discussed the healing power of nutrient rich foods, like bone broths. The ladies lamented over the challenge it has become to get tasty, nutritious soups without cream or preservatives. They each said that they could not find any truly delicious, non-dairy, non-GMO, 100 percent good-for-you whole food based soups. Sure, some of the local markets were starting to stock what they called “fresh and healthy” soups, but upon closer inspection, these soups proved to be filled with cream, tasteless without any nutritional backbone. Both busy moms of three and hard working professionals, Angela (from the world of private equity) and Vivienne (from the world of law) were perplexed by this hole in the market. They spoke about the juice craze and its efforts to fill the hole with the popular fad of “juicing” and juice cleanses, but they both agreed they felt dissatisfied, starved, and jittery after having tried certain pressed juice cleanses. So, they set out to create Soupure- a company that is in the business of developing and delivering nutrient rich cold and hot soups, tonics and waters, and soup cleanses that are not only amazingly delicious and satisfying, but are also medically endorsed and made from organic, fiber and protein rich ingredients that are absolutely void of fillers and emulsifiers.

Motivated by having conquered her own serious issues with
digestive health since childhood, Joli works relentlessly alongside our COO to create products that not only provide the fullest spectrum of nutrients, but also taste delicious. Her unwavering commitment to quality, and her love of worldly flavors has set the tone to guarantee the perfect creative balance between nutrition and taste. Joli’s passion for food was ignited by a 3 star Michelin chef with eastern culinary influences.  She is living proof of the power of food for self-healing.  She was formally trained at the Le Cordon Bleu.

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For over 25 years Marlyn has been involved in the nutrition, health, and food industry. In that time she’s had the opportunity to view food, diet, and health from every possible perspective. She’s seen it all – from simple restaurant kitchens to well known food manufacturers – she knows the ins and outs of the food industry and she knows the truth of how food affects our lives. As a graduate of Drexel University in Philadelphia with a B.Sc. in Nutrition and Food Science, post graduate studies in Comprehensive Nutrition and Certified as a Lifestyle Educator, Marlyn shares knowledge by writing for industry trade publications and speaks regularly on the relationship between food and aging, sugar cravings, weight management and stress. Her clients include industry leaders, entrepreneurs, busy moms, and more. Marlyn’s areas of expertise include anti-aging nutrition, weight loss, detoxification, and women’s health.

Behind the logo, branding, UX design, social media and website, our Creative Director is passionate about clean food and healthy living. As a mother of one, Brielle understands the importance of nutrition and wellness for herself and her family, fueling her creative love and drive for the Soupure brand. “I absolutely love what I do, I get to be immersed in a project I genuinely believe in, I am so proud to be apart of a new wave of clean eating and healthy cleansing”. You can also find Brielle managing our storefront or photographing social media around the clock.

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Our nutritional adviser’s road to nutrition began with his desire to heal himself and family members of what he believed to be food-related health issues. This led to interests about the workings of our bodies and what we put in it.  Science and self taught nutrition combined with culinary exposure from worldly travels and cultures helped solidify Kelsey’s curious palate and desire for healthy eating.  This is the passion he brought when helping us create our cleanse programs.