In love with soups


“In my kitchen, soups are not only lunch dishes,  5day sale but often also dinner and breakfast. It also  13050 san vicente blvd happens that on the stove it is bubbling in two pots at once, because I can’t decide whether I prefer celery cream or celery soup with rice!  5day sale My  13050 san vicente blvd neighbors more and more often ask me “What soup are we eating today?” And I mix flavors, spices, reach for new ingredients and 5day sale  conjure up newer  13050 san vicente blvd recipes for them, my family and readers!”

“I love walking around local markets and bazaars 5day sale  in search of the best vegetables and fruits,  13050 san vicente blvd which then give birth to unique ideas for delicious and  5day sale healthy soups. But traditional, seasonal flavors are not enough! Friends and acquaintances love to drop by for a bowl of soup – they know that I follow culinary festivals on  13050 san vicente blvd an ongoing basis and test the menu in restaurants, drawing inspiration from the fullest. Exotic spices, new flavors, recipes for unusual combinations – in my kitchen, soups are a real trip around the world. And each guest can choose a unique spoon with their meal … I have a whole collection of them!”


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