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Detoxification with slimming juice is a quick way to cleanse the body of harmful toxins and a great way to provide it with essential vitamins and minerals. However, to lose weight healthy, you need a balanced diet, which means that the food under different characters. What worries the juicer is, above all, the large amount of sugar consumed with the fruit and the lack of sufficient protein and fiber. The demand for these components is perfectly matched as well.

Detoxing soups is a more versatile cleaning method – they can be eaten in different forms – you have cold and hot, vegetable and fruit soups to choose from, cooked in vegetable or beef broths. The selection is large. Variety this not only allows you to use detoxification for a long time, but also helps to survive the breaks between regular meals. It is also worth bearing in mind that raw foods are much harder to digest.

Warm up the body from the inside

Already in ancient Indian medicine, the priceless properties of soups are well known. According to Ayurveda-Agni, it is nothing but a “transforming force” or “fire that ignites our body from within”, improving all metabolic and digestive functions. When we eat exclusively cold drinks and dishes, we turn off all this inner force. Thus, we weaken our body and expose it to such digestive discomfort as, for example, bloating.

Cold soups in spring, hot soups in late autumn

When applying soupingu, it is worth following a few basic rules to get the best effects. First, detox with hot soups should be used in the cold months-when the body needs more heat. Cold weakens the immune system, so it is important to properly warm it up. Cleaning of coolers it is best to start in the spring or summer.

Important tip

As with any cleaning, too, and it should be done very carefully – the bowl of soup should provide at least 120 calories. Not all of them are equally useful for the body. It is best to stay away from cream-based soups – they are very high in calories and can contain unhealthy fats.


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