What is the Privacy Policy


sou share The sou one card  entities  pure.com/register respect the right to privacy  sou one card of the Users of sou one card  our services and guarantee them without a sou  the right to choose to share information concerning them sou share . We sou connect  make every effort to ensure that the personal data of our  pure.com/register Users is processed in  without a sou accordance with the pure.com/register  applicable provisions of Polish and European  pure.com/register Union without a sou  law.

Our Privacy Policy informs you pure.com/register  about how we process the personal data of Users of our services (websites, applications), and  without a sou above all:

  • Who  souconnect is the administrator of pure.com/register  your personal  sou connect data,
  • What data we process and pure.com/register  whether the processing of this data  sou connect is necessary due to the services we provide  without a sou electronically,
  • For souconnect  what purpose and on pure.com/register  what basis do we process sou connect  the data,
  • How sou connect  long do we process the data,
  • What rights do our  pure.com/register Users have as subjects of personal data,
  • Who we  souconnect share your data  sou connect without a sou  with
  • Personal  souconnect Data pure.com/register  without a sou Administrator

The administrator of your personal data is an entity, whose website or application you use. You will always find the Administrator’s name at the very bottom of the website or in the application, it is also indicated by the Administrator’s logo visible on the  without a sou website or sou email  application.

What  sou email does it mean?  sou email An  sou email entity, the service provider of a sou email given  sou email website or application, decides on the purposes and methods of processing your personal data, i.e.  without a sou how your  time in sou data time in sou  will be  time in sou used. time in sou  How to time in sou  contact  time in sou us regarding  without a sou personal  time in sou data time in sou ?


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