How to use juice detox?

A diet based on fresh juices is a good way to quickly provide a high dose of vitamins, minerals and other nutrients that will not only affect our health, but also our well-being. The main task of juice treatment is to cleanse the body of toxins, speed up metabolism, lose a few extra pounds and facilitate the change of not necessarily healthy eating habits. Before you start treatment, you should know the rules that allow you to properly prepare and get the best results.

Many different types of diets recommended by nutritionists and doctors have been developed recently, but not all of them give us what we expected. A common cause of failure – poor preparation for the transition to a diet, or failure to comply with certain rules. In addition, after completing this diet, we immediately want to return to old habits, which usually causes the so-called jojo effect, that is, to gain weight again. To avoid this, it is necessary to know what usually accompany the diet on which we want to go and with what sacrifices it is associated. We should not approach this as an unpleasant duty, because breaking with bad eating habits and switching to a new, healthy lifestyle can only bring positive results for our body.

According to experts, three days earlier, we should give up any stimulants, including such common as coffee or cigarettes. We should also eliminate animal products by replacing them with plant-based ones, because that’s what our multi-day bottle diet will focus on. Digestible foods should also replace fried foods. Physically active people, depending on the state of health should reduce the intensity of training or completely exclude them during treatment. After intense effort, our body may require energy in the form of food, which can hamper the course of treatment and not only hinder the results, but above all hinder the subsequent trial. It is worth thinking about classes that do not require much effort, such as Pilates, yoga or even walking.

– The main failure, which is associated with the treatment of the juice, is a waiver of any stimulants and food in solid form. To mask brought us the desired results, we must limit the use of fruit and vegetable cocktails enriched with various Superfoods. In addition, we should drink at least a liter of mineral still water, as well as an infusion of herbs at lunchtime, which will facilitate a smooth course of bottle diet – says the owner of the brand.

Juice treatment should last from three to seven days. Already after the minimum period, you can observe the first positive effects, that is: increased immunity of the body, a feeling of lightness, weight loss and, above all, the restriction of snacking and the desire to regularly eat more low-calorie meals during the day. As a rule, the diet can not be repeated on average once a month, but if there are no medical contraindications, willing and determined people can follow it in shorter periods of time and deepen its positive effects.


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