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the soup diet is a much more effective version of the popular fruit juice diet, whose main goal was to detox the body and shed extra pounds. Why is soup better than juices? Well, because of their rich content of valuable dietary fiber and complex carbohydrates, as opposed to sweet and virtually fiber-free fruit juices.

The effects of applying a diet based on soups can be surprising. According to scientists engaged in nutrition Souping, it turns out to be an effective way not only to lose weight, but also to radically cleanse the body of toxins.

Soups now form the backbone of one of the latest and healthiest food trends. The so-called Souping mastered some time ago the United States. Americans are literally crazy about him. Souping is gradually gaining more and more supporters across Europe, including in Poland.

As Robin Foroutan, a nutritionist and spokesperson for the American Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, says. “Soup can be a healthy and delicious way to keep your balance after a period of digestible meals or even an extremely indulgent weekend. This makes it easier for the digestive system to restart and rupture.”Liquid and semi-liquid products are not too burdensome to the gastrointestinal tract, as it is easier to digest than in the form of a constant. This means that soups are the perfect way of eating for us, which in many cases allows us to recover and balance in a harmless but enjoyable way. Not without reason, most hospital diets are based on all kinds of soups, especially in the case of diseases of the gastrointestinal tract and poisoning, but not only.

Souping is used in detoxifying the body and slimming. In both cases brings remarkable results.

I will add that Souping has nothing to do with ready-made zupkami and similar fast dishes that “go” real soups. If you care about health, then soups are best prepared at home, from fresh ingredients. In the case of soup detoxification, choosing vegetables from organic crops is crucial, as otherwise the effect of Souping will be quite the opposite, and the pesticides contained in the vegetables will further poison your body.


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