Why souping?



Why should you cleanse your body? More and more people living in large cities see their health deteriorate year after year, despite the fact that they try to stick to a relatively healthy diet or at least once a week to engage in some physical activity. What causes this state of things? Unfortunately, the environment around us, polluted air and easily available food with a high recycling rate, make our body as it “slows down”. What can help in such a situation? Juice-based cleansing diet, or juice detox.


Juice detoxification is a form of cleansing treatment that lasts from one to several days. At this time, we consume only fruit and vegetable juices prepared for the purpose of cleansing our body. And so vitamins and minerals nourish our cells, giving them the strength to function properly.

In addition, cleansing juices help to get rid of toxins from the body, which have a direct impact on our well-being. When should you decide on such a detox? We can do this when we notice that we are overworked, do not sleep well, we have problems with concentration and physical fitness. Detox will also come in handy when we see alarming symptoms from our digestive system. And so, indeed, from time to time it is useful to everyone.

juice detox


This question is asked by everyone who thinks about carrying out detoxification and anti-combustion function of its effects. Juice diet can be carried out even every few weeks, but the optimal time for each of us-to do it at least once a year. Why? Well, within a few months, our bodies can accumulate toxins that cause ambiguous symptoms. Juice detoxification will help to cope with this and give us strength for the next few months. To maintain the detoxification effect, it is worth, of course, constantly introduce into your life healthy eating habits and regular physical activity.

Why souping?

Juice detoxification is not in itself a treatment or diet for weight loss, so it is difficult to expect impressive results if immediately after we go back to all unhealthy habits. It is important that such detoxification be a prelude to a really healthy lifestyle, a beginning on this path, not its end. Regular detoxification at least once a year, with a balanced diet and an active lifestyle can improve our well-being and enhance the effect of our efforts.


People who have had one or more juice detoxifications admit that it was an effective method for diseases that have bothered them for years, but did not point unambiguously to any condition. This is a fairly typical situation in the case of slagging of the body.

Only a juice-based cleansing diet allowed them to free themselves, among other things, from frequent headaches, insomnia, digestive problems, slow metabolism, nervousness, chronic fatigue and skin problems. Repeating detoxification at least once a year is a great way to fix these effects, and thus improve well-being all year round! However, the frequency of detoxification of course depends on your individual needs and lifestyle.


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