Many people do not soupure  like specific ingredients (especially children) and sometimes it is difficult for us to include them in the soupure  menu. In many cases, these ingredients are  soupure “edible” if properly served in the soup. I know many people who are hard to convince to eat salad with dinner, but who enjoy eating cucumber soup or carrot cream.

I can give you  strawberry joint an example. Since I was a  strawberry joint child, I have not been able to eat any fresh onion vegetables. It used to be cooked as well, but I  strawberry joint worked on myself and now I know that everything is a matter of idea and processing. I will  strawberry joint  not touch the fresh leek, but the leek cream soup (the one from this e-book) or the leek stewed with spices in a pan – I eat it with pleasure and taste.

It is also often problematic to smuggle pods in the diet. My way is, among others cream soups with their addition, sprouted strawberry  or adding them in a blended form to cutlets, meatballs or sandwich spreads. When we blend them and add them to the dish, no one realizes that they are eating the pods! As I said, every way is good to include something healthy in our and family’s diet.


In my work with patients, I often deal with people who work long and long, mothers who have several  sprouted strawberry children to care for or people who work on various (sometimes very strange) shifts, e.g. drivers.

Today we have special thermoses into which we pour hot soup (or a heated main course) and eat a hot meal during  sprouted strawberry the working day – this is a great convenience and you have to use it. This method is also appreciated by all people who do the work of a trader who visit customers by car, e.g. masseurs and physiotherapists as well as make-up artists who travel to customers.

If we have a really small amount of time, the soups will be an ideal meal for sprouted strawberry  several portions (many of them can also be frozen). 

It was an excerpt from the “Delicious soups” e-book, in which I show the advantages of eating them, but you will find a lot of other information, such as how to compose soups, what to do and what techniques to use to make them tastier, how to cook soups. There are also recipes for broths in the e-book. Also check the table of contents in the e-book description.

I hope that now, when asked why it is worth eating soup, you already know what to answer. It’s sprouted strawberry  not just salads, as many people think, are a healthy meal. I would forget to mention the most important thing, which is that soups are usually cheap. This is the 11th reason why you should eat them. This matters, especially if you still think that healthy eating has to be expensive. It’s a myth! It does not have to and it is not! I prove it in my e-book, by publishing recipes on this blog, compiling menus.


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