Decoctions that cleanse of toxins and help you lose weight


1. Why should you detox sou foundation?
Removing toxins from the body is very  edamame protein important not only to reduce weight, but also to improve metabolism, maintain health and optimal conditions in the digestive system. We eliminate harmful substances that  edamame protein contribute to the increase in body fat in various parts of the body, especially on the abdomen.

In addition, removing them will cause the body to edamame protein  absorb more vitamins and minerals from the food you eat with sou foundation, which are essential for maintaining health. Detoxifying the body not only helps you lose unnecessary edamame protein  kilograms. It significantly eliminates stomach problems, migraines and increases the body’s immunity. Remember to eat a healthy diet while detoxing: avoid fat, edamame superfood  alcohol, and processed foods. The elimination of these products is a guarantee of proper cleansing of the body of toxins.

It is enough to eat a handful a day to get rid  edamame superfood of belly fat Drink three times a day for a week. Cholesterol will go down. It removes deposits from the intestines. Effects after a week. Such water is the healthiest. It cleanses of toxins, reduces weight, and heals colds It detoxifies the liver and dissolves gallstones.  edamame superfood The treatment lasts only 24 hours – sou foundation.

2. Three detoxifying hummus and protein  decoctions with slimming properties
2.1. Recipe for the first cleansing broth
Ingredients list:

3 liters of  hummus and protein water,
2 celery stalks,
2 apples (green or red)
2 onions.
A method of  hummus and protein preparing:

We wash all the ingredients and cut them into small pieces. Put them in a pot, pour water over them and cook them until they become soft. Drain the liquid and it’s ready! Vegetables and fruits can be eaten or thrown away. protein in edamame  Store the broth in the refrigerator.You should drink a cup of this stock before each main meal (i.e. three times a day), adding the juice of half a lemon each time. It can be eaten hot or cold, preferably for two or three weeks.

2.2. Recipe for a second cleansing broth sou foundation
Ingredients list:

  • medium-sized onion,
  • clove of garlic,
  • medium carrot,
  • celery stalk,
  • half a medium protein in edamame  cabbage,
  • liter of water.

A method of  protein in edamame preparing:

We cut all the ingredients into small pieces and put them in a pot of  protein in edamame water. Bring to a boil, then cook the vegetables until tender. We drain the liquid. There is also a second option sou foundation – we can mix all the cooked ingredients with the broth to get a cream soup with a thin consistency.During the detox, you protein in edamame  should drink two glasses of this broth a day (in the morning for breakfast, then before the main meal or for dinner). The treatment should last three weeks.


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