Investing in peace of mind


How we deal with stress on a daily basis has  soupure a huge impact on how our body works. I wrote to you about it recently in a blog post about one of the most stressful days in my life. Sometimes stress can mobilize and this is its  soupure positive side. The worst, however, is long-term stress, because it can lead to many serious diseases. Eliminating stress from life is unrealistic, but I try to live in a way  soupure that reduces stress factors. Below I am writing about how I manage to keep a sense of security.

How to ensure a sense of security on a daily basis? Having loved ones who care about me is one of the most important aspects of my sense of security. I am very happy and grateful that I have loving people around me. The certainty that I have someone who will help me in case of trouble is priceless.

Financial security cushion. An absolutely key issue  soupure related to the sense of security for me is having my own savings – high enough to be able to stay without income for several months in case of problems. In fact, it was only last year that I developed a financial security cushion that allows me to feel safe. I am extremely grateful for such a sense of security, because whatever happens, I know that I can  soupure be independent.

Health insurance

Having insurance in ZUS is an extremely important  soupure matter for me and before I started running a business, I was worried about the fact that I did not have such insurance. Before starting the company, I had one-time contracts, soupure  but usually these were specific contracts that did not require my employer to insure me. Insurance in the National Health Fund was for me one of the most important  soupure issues related to starting a business. I knew kale minestrone  that the sooner I set up a  business, the sooner I would  kale minestrone be insured.

I think that the National Health Fund works mainly in cases where someone kale minestrone  goes to the hospital, but the system is completely unable to deal with diagnostics and prophylaxis. Queues to specialists, often a low level of treatment (unfortunately, I have met incompetent doctors on my way, although kale minestrone  there is no rule here, because in private medical care it can also be different), long waiting times for tests – all these factors make me most often choose private medical care .

The solution in such a situation may also be private kale minestrone  health insurance – but I do not have such insurance yet and I just pay every  kale minestrone time I go to a specific specialist. And although nowadays I use private health care most often (for the reasons I wrote above),  kale minestrone insurance in ZUS gives me a  kale minestrone sense of security just in case.


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