Soup is an excellent dish for people who want to reduce their body weight,


Because pure, non-whitened soup without roux – based on vegetables – is a low-calorie meal with an energy value of 90-140 kcal. By adding lean meat, potatoes, rice or pasta to it, we also add kilocalories as well as valuable protein and carbohydrates, thanks to which the soup becomes a wholesome, filling meal. When preparing the soup, remember that the stock should only be made of vegetables, because meat stocks sometimes contain heavy metals in addition to the addition of fat. It is also worth adding the meat cooked in a separate pot to the soup.

Why should soup be used more often in our daily menu?
One of the advantages is the ease of preparation. Many of us are busy and therefore don’t have the option to spend too much time cooking. For such people, the soup is an excellent solution, it does not require too much work or “supervision”. For a standard soup, it is enough to prepare the right soup, cook it over low heat for the right time and the stock is ready! On the other hand, the soup vegetables are used to cook the broth – hyc – for the soup! In addition, if time is too short, in-store freezers offer a wide selection of ready-made soup mixes. Remember, however, to avoid “powdered soups” or “diced soups”.

When cooking vegetables for stock, put them in turn, depending on the time needed to cook them (first root vegetables, i.e. carrots, parsley root, celery, and only at the end of cooking celery, parsley and dill). Broth vegetables can be used not only in vegetable soup, but also in salads and casseroles.


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