Soup will warm up, saturate and even support treatment


Soups have power. You do not like? The choice is wide, it is worth looking for the one that will satisfy your taste buds. Nutritious, filling, delicious. They will effectively warm up, hydrate, remove cold symptoms, support the heart, and even improve metabolism. If you believe in old Chinese folk wisdom, you will bet on soups, because local medics have been advising for centuries to ‘keep your stomach warm’. This principle is to guarantee better digestion, well-being and overall health.

Cooking, although it deprives us of some valuable nutrients, is one of the best methods of heat treatment. Water neutralizes many harmful substances. In hot water, the protein curdles, the starch swells, which makes it easier for us to absorb the nutrients. Although cooking increases the glycemic index of some foods, this does not mean a problem. Quickly released glucose is a valuable fuel for a healthy person.

The nine benefits of drinking warm water. The base of the soup can be only vegetable stock, poultry, beef. The latter, mainly due to the content of CLA acids, carnitine and taurine, promotes weight loss (more on this topic). Poultry (preferably skinless) is an excellent source of protein and B vitamins (what do you need them for? – read).

Better warm or cooled soup? It depends. As the drug convinces. med. Aleksandra KapaƂa, president of the Dietetics Section of the Polish Society of Enteral, Parenteral Nutrition and Metabolism: ‘Meal temperature matters. In the case of inflammation, erosions, ulcers or mycosis of the upper gastrointestinal tract, neither hot nor cold foods are tolerated because they cause pain. Everything must be at room temperature. In the case of nausea and vomiting – cold meals are better because they smell less, irritate the vomiting centers in the brain less and there is a chance that the taken meal will not be returned. Conversely, in diarrhea, cold meals increase peristalsis, which increases diarrhea. ‘


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