A nutritionist advises: is it worth eating soups?


A very important element of traditional Polish cuisine are – SOUPS. In the past, they were quite heavy, thick – “stuck with flour”. It happened for a reason – the soups were supposed to give energy and be a source of strength to work on the land.

In the following years, their ingredients changed, the lack of heavy roux and broths based on vegetables and / or lean meat made the soups light and easily digestible.

Unfortunately, the presence of soups on Polish tables has significantly decreased in recent years. It is not a change for the better, which is why I would like to remind you – SOUPS are a wonderful, necessary, tasty dish in our menu.

The soup is universal, it fits perfectly in many ways. We can consume it during the main meals, e.g. lunch, dinner, as well as breakfasts (in the form of milk soup). It is tasty and nutritious, sometimes it is an exquisite one-course meal.

When served in small amounts before the main course, its task is to stimulate the appetite. Properly prepared, it provides us with a whole range of nutrients, vitamins and minerals, dietary fiber, it is a source of fluids, hydrating the body and diversifying the meal.

(remember to have as many of them as possible) contribute to the satisfaction of one of the five food portions (meals should be taken five times a day with vegetables and fruit), which are an extremely important factor in our daily diet. The soup is perfect for situations where you need to warm or cool our body (cold soup).


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