Although the presence of soup in the daily menu gives a number of measurable benefits, many people consciously abandon this meal. Why? First of all, they are overshadowed by the excess of duties and lack of time for its preparation, because in their opinion it is unnecessary and time-consuming. In addition, many people say that soups are an unnecessary dose of calories, because even so dinner will consist of a substantial main course.

Unfortunately, these arguments are easy to refute, because soups can be prepared in an instant, and serving them before the “second” will not cause us to provide the body with an excessive dose of calories.

Soup does not have to be caloric!

In the opinion of many people soups are a very high-calorie dish. Of course, it is difficult to disagree with this thesis, because the components present in it can be problematic. What exactly? First of all, all kinds of fillings, as well as fatty cream or additives in the form of noodles or noodles. The calorie content of the soup is also determined by the base, i.e. the meat insert.

Unfortunately, some of them are actually necessary for the preparation of soup, but in many cases they can be completely abandoned or replaced with healthier and tasty substitutes. However, it is worth knowing that even soup on a meat broth, whipped with cream and served with pasta, but eaten from time to time, will not cause havoc in the body.

Benefits of eating soups

If we are not convinced by the arguments about the potentially low calorie soups, we have to say one thing: soups provide us with a solid dose of vitamins that are present in the prepared vegetables. Of course, heat treatment can make their presence less, but it is enough to cook them less. How? Cut the necessary ingredients into smaller pieces or grate them. This will greatly speed up the preparation of the dish: just a quarter of an hour to enjoy a full meal, which contains valuable nutrients.

Benefits of eating soups

It is worth to prepare soups to reach for seasonal vegetables. What benefits do they give us? First of all, we are sure of their freshness, and there is also less likelihood of using chemical agents that are designed to artificially prolong their shelf life.

Soups do not need to be caloric

Soup prepared on vegetable broth is not at all caloric. A popular vegetable without additives is about 100 kcal (per 100g of product). Although we are used to the fact that the soup is prepared on a meat broth, it is worth to completely abandon it. It is enough to cook it in Italian, and for a better taste you can add a more solid portion of celery root (in the opinion of many cooks it perfectly replaces meat).

  • If it is difficult for us to part with the classic broth as a base, it is worth choosing poultry bones or the same lean poultry meat without skin.
  • After its preparation, it is worth to wait until it cools down and collect a teaspoon of excess fat floating on the surface. After this procedure, the broth can be boiled and add to it vegetables and enjoy a low-calorie soup.

How do you make soup? It is known that fatty cream is notthe best choice, because it, among other things, it increases the calorie content of the dish. Instead, you can pour into the pot a little milk or a spoonful of thick natural or Greek yogurt.


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