WHY SOUP? — Soupure


Nature has used the same nutritional code for vitality for a long time. If you break the rules and deprive your body of the nourishment it needs, your skin doesn’t glow. You feel tired and your brain doesn’t seem to work. The muscles feel lazy. That’s why we formulated a better, easier way to get the good stuff.  We include everything you need to feel and look good like protein, the smart energy contained in good fats and complex carbs, lots of fiber, and an array of colorful power foods. We achieve it all with lower calories, reduced sodium, and phenomenal taste. The impossible. The seed of SOUPURE was born to be bottled.


With so many brands from which to choose, you would think cold-pressed juice had all the answers. Juice as a beverage? Sure! We like it, too. But we don’t believe that as a lifestyle, or as a cleanse, we should throw away the vital fiber matrix because by doing so we reduce most fruits to simple sugars that can leave your liver overworked and kidneys imbalanced (not to mention, not very “sustainably responsible”). Without the benefits of macro-nutrients, like protein and good fats, many of the vitamins and minerals featured in some juice combinations are simply rendered unusable. Certain whole vegetables need cooking to maximize or add the necessary dimension to their nutritional pathways. The body requires food in a variety of forms, raw and not raw, to feel optimally good.

Whether you “soup” by cleansing or enjoy our soups as a family meal, snack, starter course, or refreshing beverage, they are all an optimal way to ensure the benefits of consuming whole fruits and vegetables throughout the day. We are committed to keeping the fibrous flesh, seeds, rind, and pulp for the most authentic collection of diverse and intact nutrients your body can actually recognize. We don’t think the body is inherently bad or toxic, nor does it need to deprived of the entire collection of nutrients contained whole power foods.

Our approval for each soup hinges upon the ultimate taste experience. By curating our culinary talent guided by expert nutritional advisers, we have achieved an array of taste profiles that are familiar yet pleasingly unexpected. Countless hours have been devoted to shape the savory and the sweet, layer complexity, fine tune texture, and tirelessly explore the merits of every power food. Like you, we want somewhere between comfort and control. Nothing relays that message to your body better than our collection of refreshingly chilled and cozy warm soups, hydrating alkalized waters, and whole food infused teas.