Or are juices a good source of energy?

Drinks fresh juices brings many benefits, among other things, accelerates weight loss, protects against disease, in addition, juices are very tasty and very healthy. However, few people know that fresh juices are an excellent source of energy. Of course, I wonder if this is a so-called “hoax,” how juice can add energy? Read the text below and you’ll learn some fun facts that encourage you to squeeze juices.

Where does this energy come from?

Of course, you know that eating leafy vegetables is a very good way to increase energy. However, it is difficult to eat enough vegetables to feel its rush.
Drinking green juices, Your body is able to absorb and digest large amounts of leafy vegetables, which means more energy for you to work.
Because in the form of juice, although it is not necessary, the body absorbs vitamins, minerals and therefore energy much faster.

Fresh juices of water

Drinking juices regularly supply your body with an increased dose of fluids, on which energy levels depend. The more hydrated the body, the more energy to work.

Ensure a good night’s sleep

Many people who consume juices have noticed that the” side effect ” of such therapy is a calm and uninterrupted night’s sleep. We don’t quite know why this happens, but it is undeniable that a good night’s sleep has a positive effect on the amount of energy.

Need more power?

If, despite the use of juices do not feel a surge of energy, it may mean that you drink too little. Increase the amount to 2-3 glasses a day and try to follow the 80/20 rule-80% of the juice should be vegetables and only 20% – fruits.

Take care of yourself, try to sleep at least 7-9 hours a day and do not give up water, drink 6-8 glasses a day. Juices can have a big impact on energy levels when combined with a healthy diet and an active lifestyle. Try today our recipe for a delicious juice, low-fat and feel the rush of good energy.


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