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Grass Feed Organic Antibiotic Free Beef Bone Broth

This is rich and savory beef broth you can feel right down to your bones. Hearty mulling spices and Old World methods take center stage with our savory and gelatin-rich broth. A medicinal for centuries, gelatin bone broth is known among the wise to ease joints and arthritic ailments while offering a good dose of collagen for ultimate skin and hair beauty. 

Organic Beef Broth with Bones

Bone broth has been used in traditional Chinese medicine for centuries to nourish our kidneys, supports our vital essence (chi), and build blood. According to Chinese medical theory that like supports like, bone tissue relates to the kidneys, so consuming bone tissue will support the kidneys and therefore the bones (including the teeth).  The Chinese medical perspective includes the adrenals as part of the system they call the kidneys. So, bone broth directly supports adrenal function and thus supports our immune health.  Bone stocks are also rich in minerals, including calcium and phosphorus – the two main minerals that compose our teeth.  When making our bone broths, we stew the bones for several hours, so that the broth itself becomes very rich in minerals.  Who wouldnʼt benefit from another bowl of bone broth?