How to cook a delicious breast soup. Increase resistance to breast soup: it is especially useful during a flu epidemic!


Chicken soup in general, and chicken breast in particular, is considered a dietary meal because it contains a lot of protein, vitamins and trace elements and contains almost no fat.

For this reason, breast soup is recommended for recovery after a serious illness, as well as for people who want to lose weight. But the technology of cooking these soups (although both are dietary) is different. For convalescents, it is usually recommended to make a creamy soup by seasoning it with cream, and for those who lose weight, it is better to cook transparent breast soups, filling them with vegetables.

General principles of cooking
The breasts should be removed from the skin and placed in cold water. After the first broth is cooked, drain and fill the chicken with fresh water. Boil the broth over low heat, otherwise it will be dim.

Many do not like onions or roots cooked in a breast soup. If you belong to the same non-lovers, get a special bag with a double layer of gauze. Put the onion, carrot, parsley root, dill stalks and other things you want to boil in the broth in it, then just grab the bag, dispose of its contents and wash it. This bag must be sewn up in advance and boiled in several waters to get rid of the pharmacy smell with a guarantee.

Traditionally, it is customary to cut all vegetables evenly into transparent breast soups: cubes, cubes, straws, hence straws. But sometimes (especially if the soup is made for children), maybe it’s better to cut it differently.

The breast soup usually has a vague appearance unless the broth is painted over. Tint it with carrots or turmeric in a yellowish color, tomato in orange or cream in milk. Of course, we are not talking about those soups that contain bright dishes that give it its own color: beetroot, spinach and the like.


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