What’s the point of being good if you can’t taste a bit of bad each day? BLACK OUT may seem like it should be your little secret, but no need for guilt. With only a hint of sweet, mellowed banana and the sultry black sesame seeds make it worth the risk.

Bananas are the perfect way to quell a sweet craving without adding to your glycemic load, but they are hardly basic. Offering a unique “prebiotics” that assists probiotic action in the intestinal tract, this familiar fruit helps our body absorb more nutrients while balancing our bowel function.

Black sesame seeds provide the flavor foundation of this tea with an impossibly rich and nutty dimension. Possessing an ultra high copper mineral content and impressive array of essential minerals that promote the delivery of key nutrients our body, these seeds paired with Black Cumin seeds give our Blackout Dessert Tea its distinctively sultry look.