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Fruit juices are one of the most popular drinks. Two types are in the lead in Poland – orange and apple. Today we will look closely at the latter and dispel all your doubts. How much calories does a glass of apple juice have? You will find the answers to this and other questions below!

In 2018, the European Association of Fruit Juice Producers published a report which shows that every fourth liter of juice or nectar drunk in Poland has apple flavor. Research conducted by the World Health Organization shows that each of us should consume a minimum of 400 grams of various types of fruit and vegetables, divided into 5 servings each day. One of them may be a glass of juice – for example, apple juice.

It is worth remembering, because the average Pole rarely reaches for this type of drink – on average 83 glasses with a capacity of 200 ml per year. There are no rules on which particular variety the juice should be made of. For its production, they are perfect for both sweeter and slightly sour species. Which one you choose is only a matter of individual preferences.

From an early age, we are told that fruit is a wealth of vitamins and minerals. Is it the same with fruit juices? If you choose those without added sugar or preservatives, you can be sure that you will provide your body with a vitamin bomb. Apple juice in particular is one of the products that have a high nutritional value.

In the UK it is said that if you eat one apple each day you will not need a doctor. Are these empty words? It turns out not. The fruit, and consequently the juice made from it, contain a significant amount of nutrients that have healing properties. Get to know them!

Apple juice has one main feature – it is a source of dietary fiber. However, it is necessary for the proper functioning of the intestines and the digestive system. People who struggle with constipation should reach for apple juice.

Histidine, an amino acid found in apples, naturally lowers blood pressure and, as a result, protects against heart disease. Due to the high content of vitamin C, apple juice has a positive effect on the immune system and heals and regenerates the skin. Vitamin E contained in the juice protects cells against free radicals.

One apple is enough to provide the body with the necessary daily dose of potassium. What a whole glass of juice! Potassium is essential for the proper functioning of the nervous and muscular systems. Magnesium and phosphorus contained in apples have a positive effect on the well-being – both physical and mental. What’s more, apple juice contains extremely valuable vitamin B12 – its deficiency leads to troublesome problems with falling asleep.


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