FAQ — Soupure


We have increased the size of all of our bottles to 16 oz (our cold soups were previously 12 oz). To keep our nutrient profile at optimal levels we removed our BLACKOUT tonic from our cleanse line up. However, because the size of the bottles of our other products in the cleanse line up has increased, you are actually now getting MORE SOUP per day than you were before!  But, don’t worry, BLACKOUT is still separately available, and, it is new and improved with activated charcoal!


We offer 1-Day, 3-Day, Mini 3-Day and 5-Day Cleanses. If you are new to cleansing, we recommend our 1-Day program ideal for acclimating to a longer cleanse program or scheduling once a week for maintenance. We make products that can easily serve as individual meals with a complete nutritional profile, so there is no need to “take time off” from our program. Your body will benefit from having a day’s worth of fresh, clean, nutrient-rich soups on a scheduled weekly basis or daily, as desired.  If you are more experienced with cleansing programs or are eager to reach your optimal health balance or weight loss, try our 3-Day program. In March of 2016, we will be offering a Lo So Cleanse for those who want even less than the daily minimums in sodium intake and an Omnivore’s Bone Broth Cleanse for those bone broth lovers!  

What is the difference between a full cleanse and a mini 3 day cleanse?

The difference between a 3 day FULL and a 3 day MINI cleanse is the amount of products. Twenty one products in the FULL and fifteen in the MINI.  The FULL (regular) cleanse offers approximately 1200 calories a day (minimum most doctors recommend).  The MINI offers approximately 800 calories a day.  Since most doctors recommend consuming no fewer than 1200 calories per day, we instruct you to pair our MINI products with your own healthy lunch or dinner daily to meet your desired caloric intake. The MINI is designed for someone new to cleansing as an introduction to our FULL 3 day cleanse.

I hate cleansing and sometimes feel “off” during a cleanse. Will I experience that here? 

As with any cleanse, your body might be eliminating “the bad stuff” as you withdraw from alcohol, processed foods, gluten or coffee.  Any changes in your normal routine could trigger mild headaches or changes in your body rhythms resulting in mild shakiness.  Headaches are a temporary withdrawal symptom  that can occur during any cleanse. This is a reaction to your body flooding with existing toxins from your cell tissues. The duration of the detox headache can depend on how efficiently your body eliminates toxins, what kind of toxins and how much there is being released. However, we simply don’t believe in “cleanses” in the traditional sense. Our goal is not to deprive, but to nourish and satisfy your body. As a result, these side effects should be greatly diminished when on one of our cleanse programs. Our program features a balanced nutritional profile that keeps your metabolism and blood sugar steady. You are consuming whole fruits and vegetables along with their fibrous counterparts, not just their juices. We strive to align ourselves with the sound direction of the medical community which strongly believes the body is best fed with fiber-filled foods as close to their natural state as possible. Our program, unlike juice cleanses, aims to provide a smooth, sensible, and totally satisfying experience for health and weight loss. For this reason, the majority of our fans report they actually miss our cleanse and become weekly consumers.

Should I do anything before I Cleanse?

We recommend – and common sense dictates – that substances generally known to be harder on the body be eliminated a couple of days before you begin. These would include foods and beverages that contain caffeine, alcohol, dairy, refined sugars (including sode and candy) or artificial chemicals and processed foods. The best plan for transitioning to our cleanse is to begin by reducing your caffeine and alcohol intake and by selecting any of our soup products to replace a meal in the few days prior to your cleanse. This provides the body with an introduction to the high quality of healthfulness and taste we offer, and helps your mind align good health with a highly enjoyable, ultra-positive experience. Perhaps skip the second cup of coffee or wine and the fries and cheeseburger the day before the cleanse. We think it simply gets the “mental attitude” in the right place which is a key factor for cleansing success. The body loves when the mind is in agreement.

How long do products stay fresh and where should I store them?

Remove the products from the carriers and place in fridge immediately. Separation is normal with unmanufactured foods like ours. Simply give them a shake to restore consistency. Please note our products do not undergo HPP (High Pressure Pasteurization) like many juice cleanse brands. Therefore, if not properly handled, may contain bacteria that can cause serious illness in children, the elder, and persons with weakened immune systems. Our soups are made with the same homemade care as mom or grandma, however, best to stay safe by using our products within three days. 

Why does the Cleanse include a warm broth in the morning?

We promise there is a method to our madness, and that’s what sets us apart from the other programs. Our cleanse is designed to give you what you need, when you need it. The order of products consumed have been carefully tested and calibrated with utmost sensitivity to how every body absorbs and uses nutrients. Our collagen-rich bone broth or vegetable consommé is consumed in the morning to clear the gut, and let the healing effects of the bone broth begin to work to heal, fend off colds, and warm up the entire system. 

Can I switch up the system according to my own preference?

Of course. We do recommend you follow our order the first time around. However, your body will still reap benefits from our products, no matter the order. Ideally, you would consume the foods you are provided but should you receive a product that you prefer not to consume, it is important that you take in other calories and nutrients as a replacement, whether it be a handful of almonds for a snack soup or a small piece of chicken or fish if you are replacing a meal soup.. Many of our cleanse fans consume the soup order in partial amounts  if they are full and save them and finish them later in the day, which works fine. 

Must I consume all soups and waters each day … and what about my coffee?

Of the most importance is listening to your own body.  We don’t promote anything you are not comfortable with. We have carefully designed the products with our nutritionist to give you all the nutrition and calories that a body needs each day. If you don’t, consume all the products we fear that you are at risk for falling below the threshold of calories and macronutrients for the day (protein, carbs, and fat). This could cause you to feel poorly or create symptoms such as headache, dizziness, or weakness. Enjoy the soups, drink the waters and try to stay on track to enhance your experience and sense of body balance. Abstaining from “food crutches” like chewing gum, sodas, sugary juices, caffeine, and alcoholic beverages during the cleanse should also enhance your experience. However, extreme lifestyle shifts should be exercised with caution. If you feel ill or unduly strained throughout your day, simply aim to reduce these conventional habits in a reasonable manner. For example, maybe aim for a half cup of coffee instead of whole cup, or substitute green tea. We encourage you to remain aware of your progress and individual body cues. Ideally, enjoy each soup every couple hours in order. Remember to “chew the texture” in the soups and savor the wholeness of ingredients we pack fresh into each bottle. 


Doctors recommend every person should consume a minimum of 1,200 calories per day even if dieting to the extreme. Our regular cleanses anticipate that you will need a healthy snack to get you to our next meal. Thus, we anticipate your adding 100-150 calories in healthy snacks (we recommend a handful raw veggies, unsalted nuts and sprouted legumes). This takes your calorie total to approximately 1,200 calories per day. We are counting for you, so don’t worry about tallying the numbers. There are no empty calories or nutritional tricks here, so your body will have a use for everything we provide. Your body recognizes vitamins, minerals, macronutrients, and phytochemicals contained in our real, whole food products. We discourage traditional calorie counting as a “punishment and reward” system and encourage being mindful of your body’s response to the joys of real food.

What’s all the fuss over “good fats” vs. “bad fats” these days?

Fat doesn’t make you fat. Excess calories make you fat. Without fat, your body can’t use many of the critical vitamins and minerals we consume. Fat surrounds every cell membrane of your body so it can metabolize. Fat lines your nerves to send your signals and reflexes faster between your brain and body. Fat regulates your hormones and your body temperature. Fat protects all of our most vital organs from injury. Fat is efficient brain food that allows signals to speed along. It also makes our skin and hair beautiful, touchable, and sexy.

Don’t skip the fat to stay fit. Fitness depends on a sensible, daily ratio of fat intake. Nature intended it to serve as the best mechanism to help us survive on this planet, perpetuate our families, and give us a sense of well-being. That’s why we have incorporated the right ratio of good fats into our soup products from sources like raw nuts, yummy seeds, and rich extra-virgin olive oil.

So relax. We’ve thought ahead, and we’ve got you covered. Most people need about 30-40 grams of fat per day, even if they are trying to lose weight. For more information on your individual daily needs as stated by the Center for Disease Control, please CLICK HERE. 

Are there nuts in any of your products?

Some of our soup products contain nuts and seeds as they are an excellent source of non-animal protein and energy. However, we do cater to allergies upon request. Please contact us HERE if you have concerns or require a special order. Please be aware all of our products are made in the same kitchen.

Do your products contain meat, poultry, or fish?

Only our bone broths contain meat. However, we consider ourselves and our product line to be “vegetarian-inclined” and happy to accommodate the needs of vegetarians and vegans. Please contact us HERE to let us know your specific dietary needs and we will try to accommodate you best we can. Please be aware all of our products are made in the same kitchen.

Do you add sugar to your products?

We add a small amount of natural coconut sugar or honey to certain soups as identified on the respective soup labels on occasion to adjust for seasonal acidity levels as the natural sweetness of the fruit or vegetable changes.


We do not add any gluten to our soups. However, anyone with any serious food allergies should consult with their medical practitioners before undertaking any food program. And, all of our products are made in a facility that processes gluten, soy and nuts.

Do your products contain protein?

The body thrives on proteins sourced from seeds, nuts, and plants, so we strive to include these sources in most of our soups. While animal and dairy proteins are more commonly consumed by people, evidence suggests there is no need to eat as much as most people seem to be doing lately. Your body simply cannot store excess protein. We think pacing your protein from a variety of sources is a much healthier practice. Excess dairy and animal protein can stress your organs and digestion, and we aim to provide a balance of ingredients as a kinder gesture to your body and the planet.

Can I exercise during a Cleanse? 

We believe every person should feed their body with a sense of balance, and that definitely includes maintaining your energy levels in a way that supports an even metabolism throughout the day. Our products should increase your energy levels and elevate your body strength. This isn’t always the case with the typical “juice only” cleanse which can cause confusion about why our soup cleanse is so different. Our program does not involve deprivation. We consider our system to be a form of diet and exercise enhancement. However, do listen to your body. It is always responding to an array of emotions, stress, hormone cycles, immune responses, and shifts that may seem separate from your cleanse, but your mind-body connection may be managing it all just the same. 

Will I experience weight loss on the Cleanse?

Our “souper” fans have reported weight loss as one of the biggest (and happiest!) “side-effects” of using our program to get healthier. Because our cleanse feeds the body instead of depriving it, many find their appetite is substantially curbed within the first day. The “body survival panic” that seems to occur during typical juice type cleanses or fad diets, like feeling the need to binge and having irrational or intrusive food thoughts, has not been reported by our soup cleansers. If adhered to, measurable weight loss can and should be experienced. Repeat cleansing has resulted in sustainable weight loss.  After cleansing, consider slowly reintroducing or totally eliminating less healthy choices to achieve that balanced, sustained shift in your habits. We don’t recommend using it as a method to “make up for” choices you feel very guilty about which can have unhealthy emotional effects and psychological consequences. Get used to one positive shift at a time. None of us can do everything perfect all of the time. But each of us can certainly improve one thing at time with reasonable consistency. Our “souper” fans have discovered working our 1-Day Cleanse into their weekly schedule has helped them achieve their personal goals for creating healthy habits and managing their weight.

Can I Cleanse if I am pregnant or nursing?

Doctors recommend that pregnant or women who are nursing or children under the age of 1 do not consume raw honey found in our ENERGIZE strawberry cashew and maca root and reshi mushroom found in our SUPERHERO nuts & seeds. Please consult your physician. Also, if you are pregnant or nursing, a cleanse should only be used as a supplement to your regular diet, do not use it as a full meal replacement. Sustaining pregnancy and regular nursing requires many more calories to keep you and your baby healthy. Talk to your doctor if you plan to supplement with our food products, or any program affecting your prescribed diet, to ensure you are on the right track.

Can I put my child on a cleanse?

If your child is growing, they should not solely be on a cleanse. However, any of our soup products are an amazing addition to any diet on an individual basis because they supply a balance of nutrients in the form of protein, fiber, carbs, and good fats. 

Can my soups be frozen?

We do not recommend freezing any of our products. Our bottles are not microwave safe.   


The labels on our soups each say that there is more than 1 serving of soup per bottle.  This is because 8 oz is generally recommended as a serving size.  If you are consuming one soup as a meal, you can use the serving size as a guide to determine how much to consume.  However, our cleanse program is designed with the intention that our cleansers consume the entire bottle and we have based our total nutrient and calorie count based upon the contents of the entire bottle.