Advantages and disadvantages of a cleansing diet


Today I would like to write a few words about cleansing diets. Why? Nowadays, due to our lifestyle, inadequate nutrition (often resulting from rush), the use of stimulants or environmental pollution, toxins often accumulate in our body. The first symptoms of contamination of the body may be lack of energy, slow metabolism, fatigue, sallow skin and overweight. Then it is recommended to follow the so-called cleansing diet. It consists in detoxifying the body of toxins through a specially composed diet.

The existence of a great many different cleansing diets. When choosing the right diet for us, you should first pay attention to three basic factors:

Age – the diet is not recommended for children, adolescents, and the elderly.
Seasons – for example, a long-term cleansing diet in winter can weaken the body. It is worth starting the diet in spring, summer or fall.
Health condition – the diet is not recommended, e.g. for pregnant women, and it is worth consulting a doctor before starting a diet.

A few tips before starting the diet:

  • Even before starting a cleansing diet, you should eliminate highly processed foods, full of sugar and fat.
  • The best time for a cleansing treatment is a weekend or vacation, when we do not need to be active.
  • The cleansing effect of the diet can be enhanced by reaching for herbal cleansing teas, but making sure that their action does not consist only in purging, which is harmful in the long run.



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