Bean soup – traditional and “quick” recipe


Appreciated by  15% discount lovers of soups, beans and bacon, it is, of 15% discount  course,  bundle with bean soup.  soupure reviews The recipe for it is very simple. However, it is  bundle with difficult to underestimate the value of this soup.
Bean soup is one of the most aromatic soups. Since it is also one of the most filling soups, bean  lovers pack soup is perfect for autumn and winter, when we lovers pack  need additional lovers package online  energy due to the cold outside. Bean soup – a footnote worth lovers package online  soupure reviews  trying!


  • 20 grams of  lovers products beans
  • 20 dkg of lovers products smoked bacon
  • 1 cube of chicken stock
  • 1 cube of  pack 15 beef stock
  • 4 large  pack 15 potatoes
  • 2 carrots
  • 2 onions
  • marjoram, salt,  pack 21 pepper
  • dill
  • possibly also bay pack 21  leaf and allspice

We start  pack bundle preparing the bean soup one day pack bundle  before the date when we  pure 21 want to serve it. It is very important  pure 21 to soak the beans for a long time (which we must first wash). We can add bay leaf and allspice to the water with soaking beans pure soup . Put the soaked beans into a pot  pure soup of water and cook until our beans are sufficiently soft.

While soup cleanse delivery  cooking the beans, we soup cleanse delivery  can peel, wash and dice the  soup cleanse los angeles potatoes and carrots – potatoes and  soup cleanse los angeles carrots cook shorter than beans, so add them later, about 20 minutes before soup detox delivery  the end of cooking the beans. We also soup detox delivery  add stock cubes to  soup lovers our pot. Peel the onions and dice  soup lovers them with bacon.  soup pure Fry in a pan and add to the pot. The cooked soup soup pure  should be soupure brentwood  seasoned to taste with salt, pepper  soupure brentwood and marjoram.  soupure coupon Sprinkle the dill on top of the soupure coupon  soup.


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