Soothing to the intestinal tract, ginger root helps digestive distress and offers an array of therapeutic properties to settle the worst of symptoms. New studies show its success in alleviating joint pain with its anti-inflammatory magic in addition to its laundry list of benefits. We just love it for its sassy scent and piquant taste. 

The saturated fat encased in coconut cream is not to be confused with animal saturated fats which we have all been warned to stay away from.  The saturated vegetable fats in coconut cream are actually healthy good fats that our bodies can easily metabolize and turn into energy fast, without raising blood cholesterol and weight gain.  The principal saturated fat in coconut cream is lauric acid – the same type of saturated fat found in human breast milk, which the medical community encourages mothers to feed their infants because of the supernutrients it contains.  The properties it contains boosts your immune system and are anti-carcinogenic and anti-pathogenic.  Furthermore, they improve your digestion and bowel function.  Never knew coconut cream could be so beneficial to your health, right?